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Belly Button Soak

Rapid-Carrying Oils / Essential Oils / Poke Root / Cryptolepis / Skullcap / Sida acuta / Magnesium / Zinc / NAC / Turpentine / Biotin / Enzymes / & Much, Much More!

Ready For Use! Utilize the Navel Connections as a Tool for Health!



 We are proud to be THE pioneer of navel soaking! When we created this product, there was absolutely no information to be found about this method. Once we introduced navel soaking as a detox tool, they came out of the woodworks to imitate it. It contains its worth in high-quality essential oils alone.

We were seeking ways to reach areas that are thought to be unreachable, like the small intestine. After my very first soak, I released millions of fiber-like structures that seemed to have evaded all of the remedies I had ever taken by hiding in my core. This method offers more connectivity, reachability, and works in ways than we ever thought!

It is no mistake that life begins here. A baby receives nourishment from the veins that are connected to the umbilical cord. We may actually have thousands of veins connected to the navel. Once the umbilical cord is cut, internal structures may microscopically stay open. As a matter of fact, the belly button may be widely connected to other parts, including the liver, bladder, and even the esophagus. The enteric nervous system is in the bellybutton area. It is called a brain center because it said to even have its own neurons and neurotransmitters. This makes one consider the “gut brain” a bit differently.

In Hinduism, the energetic center of the chakra system is called the Hora and it is located in the belly button. By clearing and detoxing this channel, you may open the main energetic center of the body, resulting in an awakening of higher consciousness. In martial arts they believe the one with more hara is the warrior. To think with your belly button is tapping into your inner wisdom and intuition. The aborigines think as we do in that they believe behind the navel lies the “Great Serpent”. Ironically the Rope Worms and common parasites are referred to as the same. When they are in meditation and thought processes, they focus on the use of the belly button. Some meditation techniques entail cupping the hands around the navel area, to pull the core energy outward. 

The belly button is believed to be a route of lymph drainage at heightened times of toxicity. This may provide a logical answer for unexplained discharged matter in or around the navel, such as “glitter” or crusting matter. I have always tried and needed to reach outside of the box to find techniques and methods of detox.

We have witnessed the release of matter, by many, including what seem to be parasites and even mucus, with navel soaking. It is a gentle way to fight pathogens for children. As a matter of fact, we offer a higher dilution for the babes.

Warming it up with a slow heat may enhance the absorption capabilities. You may also want to spread your solution one inch outside of your navel, as it may help to stimulate nerve endings that have dried up or become damaged!

Soaking your navel may assist with energetic blocks and imbalances that may prevent us from accessing our full potential and frequency! Optimizing the core and other energetic centers may unblock and supercharge a core chakra point. It may result in enhancing and intensifying your awakening and awareness processes. Positivity and higher vibrations may come to you in a way that it never has before! 

This is a photo of the matter released, via stool, from my first navel soak. I released it the following day. Beforehand, we had fiber matter exiting from our eyes. I used the Fiber~Ease scent.

Here is a link that directs you to another website to see a “Photo” showing some of the nearly limitless belly button connections.

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Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 6 in

Full Strength (12 & Up), Babe Strength (Under 12 yrs.)


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