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OralToler~Ease Discussion:

This collagen supplement may be your game-changer! It contains egg parts from free-range, pasture-fed, happy hens. It contains all essential variations of collagen that many seek out, specifically type 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 10! To touch base on its possible benefits would be to say that it may help induce oral tolerance, strengthen collagen structures, patch up leaky gut & leaky brain, boost stem cell processes, contain collagen identical to our own, as the list is endless!

We must address the collagen damage done during the disease process. Oral tolerance may entail the ability of the immune system to recognize the proteins that we eat. Orally eating the identical protein that our body is attacking, over time, may “train” the immune system to possibly stop attacks.

To sum it up, “inflammation” indicates when the body becomes overwhelmed, which it may then start to attack everything in sight. This includes our internal structures, ultimately anything that consists of collagen. Nearly every part of our anatomy may consist of collagen, including blood cells, tissues, and linings. It may cause holes to appear in them, which the most well-known events it may cause are commonly known as “leaky gut” and “leaky brain”.

Collagen and connective tissue damage may be a sign of deteriorating conditions. Pathogens live to manipulate our immune system to attack ourselves, rendering them with nothing to do but to sit back and feed. The supplementation of collagen may promote the health and elasticity of joints, cartilage, skin, cardiovascular components, including spinal health.

In order to properly supplement collagen, be aware of the different types and what the body utilizes each for. This complex may contain many types. It may harness the more abundant types that may be needed to support skin, hair, and bones. It may also contain the less abundant types that may make up cartilage, linings, and other organs. The least essential type of collagen makes up a membrane that holds the outside of our body to the internal tissues.

There is an overlapping of the different collagen types in different structures, as they all work together to hold us together! Collagen may make its way through the digestive tract to support Peyer’s patches in the gut, which may support immunity and possibly sustain damaged cells!

This complex may contain a synergy with the power of plants. The plant compounds within may even help to strengthen collagen bonds! Digestion is a process that breaks down bonds to separate the building blocks of life. These building blocks are amino acids, which hold collagen fibrils together. We pack it full of enzymes and collagen peptides, which may separate the glucosamine, chondroitin, and hyaluronic acid, possibly creating single components of each. The body is an amazing machine that puts these bonds, or “puzzle pieces” back together to build its own version of what it dismantles.

Most powdered collagen supplements are processed, where the drying technology may have a huge impact on the final properties. Collagen molecules may self-assemble, forming a bundle, which is called a fibril, the final aggregate that forms the framework of our structures. Once fibrils begin to dry, the 3-D structure may be damaged. Processing collagen in a cold manner may ensure little to no loss, possibly offering intact structures!

A complex having the same nutrient profile, identical size, and inconsistent amounts that our body uses may make the contents bioidentical and bioavailable to the human body! The enzymes within it partially digest and dismantle the concentrate, making it ready and available for your body to utilize. This is similar to how plants uptake vitamins and minerals in the soil! Enzyme extraction may be one of the most effective methods to break apart many substances!

A collagen supplement wouldn’t seem complete without incorporating the compounds that the body uses to make its own collagen. For added support, we utilize whole food vitamins and minerals that may provide many of the essential components we require to properly produce collagen. Some key aspects may be vitamin A, E, B1, and vitamin C. Vitamin C may be the most important, due to how amino acids may utilize it to produce tighter amino chains.

As a whole food source of vitamin C, we use freeze-dried 25% extract of acerola cherry. This herb has many benefits of its own. We are told that we don’t make vitamin C ourselves, as it must come from another source.

Catnip is used as a whole food source of vitamin E and B1 (Thiamine). Queen Anne’s lace is simply an aged, wild carrot and said to be one of the highest sources of vitamin A and beta carotene. Beta carotene may enzymatically convert into vitamin A. We use phellodendron and Chinese Baikal skullcap because they are two of the most highly respected adaptogens that exist! Adaptogens may have an innate ability to lock onto and carry other compounds, even deeper, to where they may be needed the most!

Eggshell, calcium carbonate, is used for its microelements, which may include calcium and potassium. The body may use them best together. Other herbs incorporated may have the ability to strengthen collagen bonds, possibly making them even stronger than in their natural state!

Many companies split up the indispensable, single constituents and sell them as separate products. I offer a single supplement of multiple complexes, synergized into one.

Researchers may not be sure of why or how supplementing collagen may be working so well for others. We theorize that it may boost immunity to possibly repair damage quicker than damage may progress.

Finally, we would be doing a disservice to not inform you of its topical uses! This complex may be used to “collagen-enhance” your own personal cosmetic products, as we use it in all of ours! Some ideas for use would be adding it to a bath, shampoo, conditioner, body spray, lotions, toothpaste, and anything else you can think of! You can impregnate a band aid to apply topically! Many of our customers use this complex on lesions they are exhibiting. Family and friends use it topically for problematic teenage acne! 

I cannot stress the importance of collagen enough. It is one of the detox components that set us apart in our own healing journey. We seemed to get better faster than most others, which resulted in a following and inspired this product. Common sense indicates that we may want to replace what may be taken from us during pathogenic processes. This complex makes a worthy companion to pair up with other products, including the cleanses.

5 Possible Benefits of a Collagen Supplement Like This:

  • Supporting Leaky Gut & Leaky Brain
  • Supporting Digestion, Metabolism, & Immunity
  • Promoting the Clearing of Skin
  • Supporting Skin, Hair, Nails, Muscle Mass, & Energy
  • Enzymatic Digestion of Collagen Compounds
Possible Benefits of Whole Eggs:
  • Packed With Ovarian Stem Cells!
  • Induction of Oral Tolerance (Teaching Immunity To Stop Inflammatory Attacks)
  • Source of Many Types of Collagen Fibrils Similar To Our Own
  • “Leaky Gut” & “Leaky Brain” Support
  • Connectivity & Elasticity Support
  • Bioidentical & Bioavailability
  • Whole Food Source of both Arginine & Ornithine (Should be used together)
  • Source of Glucosamine, Chondroitin, & Hyaluronic Acid
  • Anti-Aging Support
  • Inflammatory Support
  • Immunity Support
  • Structure, Lining, Vessel Support
  • Unique Enzyme Support
  • Blood Pressure Support
  • Cardiovascular Support
  • Anti-Microbial Barrier Support
  • Muscle-Building Support
  • Bone & Cartilage Support
  • Uric Acid-Lowering Support
  • Broad Nutrient Support
  • Source of High-Quality Protein Containing High Biological Value
  • Source of ALL Essential Amino Acids
  • Source of All B Vitamins, Including Choline, Biotin, & Folic Acid
  • Low-Calories
  • Dense In Minerals, Including Hard-To-Attain Minerals
  • Source of Selenium
  • Source of Iodine
  • Source of Magnesium
  • Source of Potassium
  • Source of Sodium
  • Source of Healthy, Anti-Inflammatory Fats
  • Source of Omega-3 Fats
  • Source of Vitamins A, D, E, K
  • Source of Carotenoids
  • Source of Calcium
  • Source of Phosphorus
  • Source of Riboflavin 
  • Source of Zinc
  • Source of Copper
  • Source of Iron
  • Source of Manganese
  • Source of Numerous Microelements, Micronutrients, & Microminerals

We offer our Egg Solutions, which is a slowly dehydrated egg product. We highly recommend this OralToler~Ease before, or alongside, the egg powders. We have considered those of you who may be sensitive to alcohol, therefore skip on over to Egg Solutionsby clicking on its name, to see what parts of the egg may assist you.

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