Intestinal Sweep

With Some of the Rarest, Modern Pathogenic, & Expensive Herbs On the Market! 



To be honest off the bat, this may be one of the most important mixes to use as support in your detox regimen, especially for those battling intestinal mucus! This is a must-have, even if you feel that you are perfectly healthy. We recommend staying with this blend, tapering down over time to use it in long term maintenance. This is a crucial step that many aren’t even aware of, or they may skip altogether. We are the pioneer in intestinal mucus, also known as “mucoid plaque” or “Rope Worm”. This mix was the main tool in our arsenal when I was one of the firsts to successfully rid my body of it, for good!

It is a psyllium-based product that is packed full of some of the more rare, superior, and expensive herbs suggested for support with modern infectious pathogens, cytokine modulation, digestion, astringent drying, biofilm busting, microcirculatory, microvessels, immunity, adaptogens, biome reestablishment, mucus and stool loosening, and Lyme coinfections. It contains many types of mucilage herbs, which swell up and then push matter out of the intestines, intact. This dense swell may render large parasites immobile, to be expelled in whole form. By expelling pathogens intact, it may assist in avoiding an emergency release of their toxins, as well as the absorption of them. Many of the herbs within are wildcrafted, ensuring that your purchase is freshly processed. 

The mucus may build up and solidify, creating a barrier that may be providing pathogenic protection, create blockages, slow metabolism, and inhibit absorption. If excess mucus is left untreated, it may eventually become so dense that the intestinal exit passageway may only be as thin as a pencil.

This mix works by “grabbing hold of and then “pulling” matter, such as mucus or pathogens themselves, and then tugging it along and out with the stool. Mucus seems to only come out with assistance, as you may not even know you have it. It seems to need to be coerced to come out. As first time cleansers, our intestinal tract needs to be swept.

This intestinal blend works synergistically with the other mixes by sweeping it all out, thus possibly exposing new areas and hidden organisms, which is where the next rotation of parasitic herbs come into play. It may allow a clearer, deeper path, which “paves the way” for other herbs, providing an unobstructed passageway and access to areas previously unreachable.  

Pulling out compacted matter may avoid the dismantling of biofilm communities, which may then wreak havoc on the body as millions of organisms become free! This may help remove entire biofilm communities that reside in the intestinal tract.

I highly recommend taking a mix like this before purchasing expensive weight loss products, as mucus may be a factor in weight issues.  

The wildcrafted herbs within this mix are Japanese knotweed (full-Spectrum + flower), Slippery elm bark, Cryptolepis root, & Bidens pilosa (full-spectrum).

This mix comes as a 4.5 oz. powder or 100 capsules. It is NOT available as a liquid! In any of our multiple mix cleanses, it will always come as a powder. 

Top 5 Possible Benefits of Intestinal Cleansing;

  • Sweeping Out Accumulated Pathogens, Toxins, Debris, & Mucus
  • May Increase Crucial Vitamin & Mineral Absorption
  • Contains Highly Respected Herbs
  • May Support Effective Digestion & Bowels
  • Cleaning the Core & Slate to Reestablish the Gut Biome


I would urge you to pair this with another mix as well! The other blends are: Parasite~Ease parasitic purifier, Impurit~Ease toxin-binding complex, and Pro/Pre~Ease probiotic and prebiotic blend with enzymes and resistant starch! To purchase a full, or even a partial cleanse, go to the “Dis~Ease Solutions® 4 Mix Cleanse” clicking on the name of the mix you want to know more about!


Additional information

Weight8 oz
Dimensions1 × 2 × 5 in

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Intest~Ease™ Ingredients:

Proprietary Blend Of; Psyllium, Chanca piedra extract, Isatis root, Triphala, Wildcrafted Bidens pilosa (full-spectrum), Phellodendron bark, Marshmallow root, Japanese knotweed (full-spectrum), Chinese skullcap root, Ashwagandha root, Astragalus root, Cryptolepis sanguinolenta root, Sophora root, Rhodiola root, Coptis root, Wildcrafted aged slippery elm bark, Frankincense resin, Bee pollen, L-lysine, Aloe vera leaf, Senna leaf, Black pepper, Celtic salt, Fulvic acid.


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