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Queen Anne’s Lace Discussion:

I am very excited to share this plant with you and as far as we can tell, we are the only way to purchase it! This was the very first herb that my family took during our illness and basically what started this entire business! While getting no answers from the medical community on the mucus issue, I saw an interview with world-renown Dr. Sebi stated that we should “stop messing with the weak plants and go for the be taking highly detoxifying herbs, like Queen Anne’s lace”. I knew where a large patch was, so I decided to put on my boots and go out into the wild and find an herb to possibly help my family.

Another invasive plant, as you know what they say the invasives may have built a resistance to modern disease pathogens. In certain areas, where certain disease pathogens are an epidemic, choosing those areas invasives may be key to getting well. This plant is invasive all over!

It is a plant that one cannot help but admire, sparking one’s curiosity. When you smell the dense, powerful aroma of Queen Anne’s lace, you witness the powerful scent of detox. I became fascinated and consumed with wildcrafting it. Over time it became something that others sought me for. This is also why it is one of our staple plants, used in a spectrum of our products. I truly feel I was meant to bring this plant to all of you.

If you plant a carrot and don’t pull it up that year, the following year you will have Queen Anne’s lace! It is simply an untouched, non-modified carrot! It actually only lives for two years and then dies off to be carried on by its seedlings. Something many don’t know is that the orange carrot we know today is actually genetically modified, When you use this plant in place of the carrot’s healing benefits, you are getting those benefits as Mother Nature herself intended.

It has potent vermifuge compounds, which is why we use it in our Parasite~Ease cleanse formula, alongside the mimosa pudica and other anti-parasitic herbs. Some say that it targets most parasites. It also crosses the blood/brain barrier to be a systemic bactericidal and blood cleanser. 

It is actually 25% of the well-known curry spice mix! It is considered to be a superfood and tonic, packed with all the beta carotene, flavonoids, and vitamin A, which carrots are known for. What you may not know is of its superior pectin, vitamin B and C, lecithin, glutamine, linoleic acid, coumarin, lutein, magnesium, manganese, and even niacin content. It is used by many herbalists for kidney and bladder issues, cleansing, water retention, as well as counteracting kidney stone formation. It is even said to diminish stones that have already formed!

It is in the herbal class of aromatics, omitting a potent aroma that itself, offers respiratory support. It is related to dill, caraway, cumin, coriander, fennel, anise, parsley, and celery, some of the most noted herbs for today’s modern pathogens and issues. It is also used in many cosmetic facial creams. We use it in our Beaut~Ease eye/face serum, Beaut~Ease infused carrier oil, which is in most all of our beauty products. It is in our highly popular OralToler~Ease bioavailable living collagen, and Sensory~Ease eye rinse, exhibiting how important this plant has been to our business thus far, and always will be!

It is also high in natural essential oil content, hence the aroma, and just by chance carrotessential oil is made with this plant’s seeds, therefore carrot essential oil is really Queen Anne’s lace essential oil! Carrot is one of the most popular and well-known essential oils on the market, as you now know why! We actually call our carrot essential oil Queen Anne’s lace essential oil because of the personal favoritism for and impact this plant has had on our lives. We simply love it! It is also a powerful insecticide, more than likely also due to the aromatic compounds.

There is a lot of contradictory information out there about its use during pregnancy. Some sites will tell you that to attain its contraceptive support, you may want to take it eight hours before ovulating, during ovulation, and twice after. At the same time, other sites will tell you that its daily use may support getting pregnant. Also, additional sites will say that it was used long ago as a birthing stimulant. Either way, it is not something to take if you are, or are trying to, get pregnant. Always stay on the safe side with herbs, especially the most potent ones!

You know an herb is superior if it is said to stimulate menstruation, if it is missed, or simply unpredictable. This is something so many are suffering with and confused on how to support these days. This makes me wonder if it is not one of the most potent anti-fungals, because I personally had this issue and it seemed to be rooted by my chronic fungal infection, also called Candida. As a matter of fact, I was using this often when my menstrual cycle returned and then normalized, for the first time in my life!

We encourage, although, after reading this amazing information, I am sure you may want to harvest your own, lovely Queen Anne’s Lace, especially after reading this and there are a few key factors to keep in mind. It looks very similar to the poisonous Hemlock plant. This one can be easily identified by hairy stems, the bird’s nest-like formation of the aged flower, and especially by the black dot in the very center of the flower. Hemlock has none of these. The most medicinal parts are the root and the seed. The root is always available but the flower only forms in the second year. A young, one-year-old plant is only about one-foot high and easily missed. The seed can be harvested when the flowers form what is known in the herbal world as a “bird’s nest”, which is when they start to umbrella inward, resembling a nest, and then ultimately closing to form a ball. The flowering stage is prime harvest time and it is in blossom from May to October, although by the end of summer you may notice they are starting to disappear.

Our Queen Anne’s lace products are wildcrafted, in full-spectrum form, including the seed. It is slowly processed and dried by the dehydration process, resulting in it retaining the green color of the fresh plant material. Our Queen Lace is not only possibly the only available, but the best quality you will find regardless!

Queen Anne’s Lace is used by others for things like:

  • Parasite Support
  • Respiratory Support
  • Urinary Tract & Kidney Stone Support
  • Intestinal Blockage, Digestive, and Stomach Support
  • Headaches, Including Migraines Support
  • Blood-Cleansing Support
  • Diuretic (Urine Promotion)
  • Sugar Regulation Support
  • Support With Some of the Most Chronic Issues
  • Ulcer Support
  • Weight Normalizing Support
  • Constipation & Excess Gas Support
  • Pituitary Support
  • Asthma Support
  • Eye Support
  • Skin & Beauty Support
  • “All-Around” Cleansing Herb

Product Variations:

The variations for each product are in the order that we recommend for that specific one. This may give you an idea of which versions to get and where to start if you decide this is the route for you. There may be instances where we use an ingredient that can only come as a liquid. For example, pokeberry juice or essential oil. Only the liquid products will contain that specific ingredient and it will simply have to be left out of the powdered version. Herbal compounds may accumulate, over time. Saturation is key!

Standard Tinctures Herbal compounds extracted in an alcohol base, which may offer the highest absorption. When a tincture sets under the tongue, the microscopic, pre-extracted compounds are readily bioavailable and they absorb through the tissue, similar to plant intake in nature! Alcohol may carry them into the bloodstream, where they may then may circulate to the organs. For this particular blend, we recommend a tincture.

Lipospheric Tinctures Standard tinctures are put through an energetic process to collide the herbal compounds and encase them in oxygenated bubbles. This method is an oxygenation process, which completely changes the color of the solution. This version of a tincture may always off the highest absorption.

Capsules Size 00, vegetable capsules. Our capsules are handmade, to order. 

Herbal TeaEach teabag can be brewed up to three times, resulting in three cups of tea, each. Generally, this means that you may get 60-75 cups of tea per 6 oz. order! Each label specifies the brewing instructions, which highly depends on the parts used in the tea. If you wish to have loose herb, rather than bagged as it comes, simply leave a note specifying so, while completing your order.

GlyceritesHerbal compounds extracted in vegetable glycerin. This may be ideal for those most sensitive and especially children.

Tinctures are animal & child-safe, at the appropriate dosage. They can be used as an additive to personal products like lotion, detox bath, nebulizing, topically, and even as belly button soaks. Best results may come with working up to the highest dose, staying consistent.

We always choose unprocessed, ethically wildcrafted plant material, when possible. We also add freshly harvested, green plant material, wherever we can! This allows for a rare and unique availability of enzymes. Normally these enzymes are lost in the drying process and as far as we know, they are unique to us. Many companies that make simple elixirs don’t even know how to do it properly!

When we purchase herbs, we choose whole plant material, for us to grind into a silky fine powder, as we need it. This ensures quality, freshness, and abundant compounds. “Full-spectrum” means that the product contains every part of the plant, including the roots, and wherever we can, we even add the seed, flower, and/or fruit!

We have had our products energetically tested by an energetic practitioner, using a bioresonance scanning system that is well-known. She reported back that our products were over 300% more energetic than any others in her system! Over the years customers have continued to energetically test our products with their own body and they have passed every test they have ever been put through. Some say they have even surpassed the major brands!

Always use herbals wisely and with common sense!

Happy Cleansing!

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