Essential Oil Massage Oil

Essential Oil / Sunflower / Arnica / Grapeseed / Argan / Jojoba / D.M.S.O. / Essential Oils

Saturate The Body In Many Oils, With Many Benefits


 Simply the best massage oil we have ever personally used!  The essential oil scent you use determines its intentions. You can purchase an oil supportive of benefits ranging from skin issues to inflammation. It is effective and works quickly, leaving no greasy feeling of the skin. We also add trace amounts of D.M.S.O. for its absorption and penetrative capabilities, to assist the oils deeper within the skin layer. 

The base oils alone offer benefits such as relaxation, anti-aging, antioxidants, free radical support, beautifying, and repairing of the skin layer. The skin is an absorbent layer, allowing compounds to pass through to target a specific area. This may be very helpful to those who suffer from skin conditions, especially the phenomena commonly called Morgellons.

It offers you a way to treat your mind, body, and soul to relax in a self-therapy session! This massage oil is perfect for aches, pains, sports, skin issues, elasticity depletion concerns, clogged or damaged pores, personal massaging, or to simply hydrate your skin with an amazing oil. A few drops will go a long way.

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Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 1 × 2 × 6 in

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Signature Scents

Antibiot~Ease™, Bacterial Solutions™, Beaut~Ease™, Biofilm Solutions™, CitriMint™, Citrus Dew™, Drowsy~Ease™, Entity Solutions™, Essential Pain Solutions™, Essential Tears™, EverDreaming™, Feminine Solutions™, Fiber~Ease™, Foots~Ease™, Frank "N" Myrrh™, Fungal~Ease™, Heavenly Blossoms™, Itchy/Scratch~Ease™, Lyme Solutions™, Lymph Solutions™, Masculine Solutions™, Menthol~Ease™, Microcirculatory~Ease™, Mite~Ease™, Morgellons Solutions™, None, Parasite~Ease™, Pineal Solutions™, Respiratory~Ease™, Rose Petal, Rustic Nutmeg™, Viral~Ease™

Reflexology~Ease™ Ingredients:

This product comes with a scented option. Each scent consists of different essential oils. Each signature scent is also available as pure essential oil. Therefore, if you want to know exactly which oils are in every scent, simply do a search for that oil to see what is in it. Here are the base ingredients of Reflexolog~Ease.

Proprietary Blend of: Oils: (Argan, Jojoba, Hempseed, Almond, Avocado), Comfrey leaf, Lavender flower, Arnica montana flower, CBD (no THC), Essential oil fragrance.


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