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Rope Worm Partial DNA Genome

rope worm genome

The odds have seemed against any significant progress with Rope Worm studies, for many reasons. 

Aside from funding for studying Rope Worm DNA being slow, other aspects such as intelligent bacteria behavior, communication, and melding capabilities have not been appreciably Read More

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Cleanse & Product Synergy…

Herbs can be selective, meaning, they may fight the harmful organisms while passing by the beneficial ones. They may have capabilities of dismantling harmful biofilms and encysted pathogens. When biofilms, fungi, and mucus are involved, immunity may be compromised. As Read More

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My Handcrafted Products…

I utilize plant synergy and its assistance to our well being. I choose wildcrafted over organic because, for me, it was the best quality. I spend my spare time wildcrafting rare plants to offer you full-spectrum compounds wherever and whenever Read More

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Our Story

I have helped thousands of others by simply sharing and donating solutions that helped my family, after we all developed a mysterious illness, including the dog. I had no choice but to seek out unconventional ways to try and get Read More