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References Used: Children’s Dosage Guide | Herb Lore

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Cleanse & Product Synergy…

Herbs can be selective, meaning, they may fight the harmful organisms while passing by the beneficial ones. They may have capabilities of dismantling harmful biofilms and encysted pathogens. When biofilms, fungi, and mucus are involved, immunity may be compromised. As we kill, sweep, nourish, and support our bodies, what may take place is balance and stability, resulting in homeostasis.

Detoxification is a cycle of binding, deeply pulling in, and delivering compounds on a proverbial silver platter, then grabbing harmful compounds & carrying them out through excretions like sweat, urine, and stool. Sweeping the intestinal tract may reduce the levels of pathogenic biofilms, hardened fecal matter, and other types of matter and debris. The internal terrain needs to be revamped, including the gut biome.

Tinctures contain extracted and readily available compounds, just like how plants uptake them from the soil in nature! It is difficult for some herbs to cross the blood/brain barrier, therefore I use adaptogens to assist other compounds in deeper absorption and penetration. Tinctures are taken under the tongue, where sublingual absorption takes place. This may transport them to the organs and other areas, via bloodstream circulation. There are many routes to accomplish this, for example, suppositories, the nasal passage, belly button soaking, and utilizing the higher absorption spots on the body, like the armpits, under the breasts, and the veins on the back of the neck. Best results have been seen with taking tinctures in concert with other products.

A common question is for suggestions as to what to eat while detoxing. Thankfully I found the raw egg benefits when dealing with my family’s issues. They gave our body sustenance on a cellular level. See my raw egg smoothie recipe below! As I cleansed they provided the excessive vitamins, nutrients, and collagen, which was key to our rebuilding.

Getting proper sleep, a clean, sugar~free diet, drinking clean water, detox baths, occupying thoughts and our minds, and appropriate exercise, may be imperative to climbing a steep but steady slope back towards well~being. A great tool may be to follow the glycemic diet that is common for diabetics to monitor sugar intake. Stopping all sources of processed sugar is a must! Collagen supplementation is essential because every pathogen may feed on ours. You would think that supplementing collagen would feed them, but rather the opposite. It seemed to repair faster than damage could take place.

I try to think outside the box and share my tips with you! Take this advice and run with it, as I come from a place of no help, no advice, and few to no solutions. I urge you to look and read up on the products and information shared throughout this site, there is a plethora of valuable research, information, and other things to learn!

Happy Cleansing !!!