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Rope Worm Partial DNA Genome Translation

rope worm genome

The odds have seemed against any significant progress with Rope Worm studies, for many reasons. First, I must say that this translation is in no way affiliated by the genome founder. I simply spent an entire year translating, categorizing, and organizing the original genome. 

Aside from funding for studying Rope Worm DNA being slow, other aspects such as intelligent bacteria behavior, communication, and melding capabilities have not been appreciably studied at all. Very little is known about them.

It has been said that some of the components found may not even be in the genome bank itself! Those who have had an infection of Rope Worm, resulting in the release of this matter, know that the threat to our health is very real, and it may require bold and decisive attention.

Regardless, if Rope Worm is found to be a parasite, a creation by the body itself, or a collaboration of them both, we must learn of the mechanisms by which it forms and the behaviors of each of its components, as modern medicine has still to catch up and provide answers.

Modern science is not fully familiar with, recognizing, nor currently substantially studying the Rope Worm. It is only by taking matters into our own hands and putting the pieces of the puzzle together ourselves that we will progress to improve the lives of our current and future generations. In doing so, this topic may become common knowledge.

I feel it is associated with stagnation of our core, blocking energy and frequency, and ultimately making us dense and manipulated. Many that suffer with it also feel that it may intensify frequencies. I myself suffered from, and rid of, this matter. I now offer to you what helped me and others since!

I am not an expert but this information makes one thing clear: there may be an abundant bacterial aspect to this matter, which may be detrimental to the human body and you may want to consider getting it out. This is what we do best! We offer you solutions!

After spending months translating this genome, we found a few aspects concerning. This translation of the research contains many types of genetic material; it may not be “mostly” human, as we have been told. As a matter of fact, the results show that less than half of the proteins are of humans origin!

Some health experts tell us their interpretation of this genome is that it contains mostly retroviral particles. As far as we can tell, there is only a single viral component present. The results also indicate there may be extra human chromosomes present that isn’t even common knowledge. 

Lastly, with many sufferers claiming to be affected by what they call “textile fibers”, there are quite a few cotton proteins present, interestingly. It is clear that, until now, this genome has not been given adequate attention.

It seems as though translating this genome may have created even more questions than before we started. Why is it that so many websites tell us that specific particles in the results can only be found in a specific animal, plant, or nonhuman source? 

For example, there are bacteria that are found in the gastrointestinal tract of firebugs, some of the snakes, and others specifically in lizards. In this particular subject, there were proteins present from rare and strange animals like the alligator, Beluga whale, European rabbit, laughing hyena, Kiwi bird, and the Tibetan antelope, which is said to be endangered.

There are particles present that are used in biotechnology, others that are associated with magnetic particle production, and others that specialize in drainage pipe destruction. Clearly, this is a complicated matter that may require many types of professionals and disciplines to come together to completely understand the many present particles, pathogens, and processes.

We cannot say why certain genetic material is present in this person whose Rope Worm was tested. Maybe the matter is a collection of genetic “trash” denied by the body, and maybe it’s not!

Maybe this collection contains melding aspects that may create something entirely new. We can only speculate, like everyone else. Sticking to the facts is imperative.

We are proud of the endless work put into this translation. It has allowed us to see the pathogens involved in this particular person. We are all different, yet we have created some products, keeping these results in mind. Please click on the names of these products to be redirected to them, elsewhere on this website. We have “Rope Solutions” herbal products, such as tinctures, lipospheric tinctures, glycerites, capsules, and herbal tea. Lastly, as we do with all of our signature blends, we also create an essential oil blend “Rope Solutions” with similar compounds. 

To view our translation of the Partial DNA Sequencing, funded by Dr. Alex Volinsky, Click on the link below. We must state that this translation has no affiliation to Dr. Volinsky.

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