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Rope Worm Solutions Guide/Package

Detox Methods & Core Remedies That Helped Me to Rid of “Rope Worm”

Comes With a Free Reese’s Pinworm otc!


Rope Worm Solutions Package Discussion:

  • 2 – 4 Mix Core Ionic Cleanse
  • 2 Rope-Supportive Tinctures
  • Collagen Support
  • Enzymes
  • Astringent (Drying) Support
  • Belly Button Soak
  • Free 1 oz. Reese’s Pinworm OTC

I want to start off by explaining that Rope Worm is very unique, as it is a parasite that may require mucus from our own body to grow and mature. It may be an organism, made up of many other organisms, a collaborative creation of pathogens melding with fungus. It is literally as if the mucus inside of us is coming alive. No matter what it is, reversing the mucus processes may not allow it to exist. For those that are seeking solutions to begin a less extensive detox, we offer a Core Protocol Package, which still may give Rope Worm support.

Most everyone that actively looks for mucus in their body, have reported that they believe it may be a factor in their issues, in some manner. Mucus and biofilm may be involved in the process of disease itself. This may be some of the most important information that you will read about in your healing journey, no matter what you believe is ailing you.

As the first known person to rid of what has been termed “Rope Worm”, I am honored and feel that I am obligated to lead the way, lighting the way for others. As it turns out, I took the right remedies at just the right time. I was a part of healing groups on social media and as a team we all worked together, comparing remedies and results. With all the information available to all of you now, it may take almost a year to figure things out for yourself. At a time when it was said that humans do not get parasites, with trial and error, the day came when I no longer saw anything abnormal. Eventually I realized that it was overthinking, and overtreating that made my healing more difficult. My experience taught me how to think outside of the box. It took using my common sense and intuition, which ended up being my best tools. It takes determination, consistency, and more time than most want to contribute. Here I share my journey, as well as offer a comprehensive healing package.

Product names in the color red are included in this package, whereas products in blue are not included. You may click on any product to purchase it. It is worth mentioning that this package also includes a calendar, to be used as a guide. It will assist you in knowing what days and times may be best to take the package contents.

Relying on people and information you find on social media may cause the battle to be more difficult. It seems many enjoy the “chase” of debating what Rope is and how to get rid of it. Platforms are saturated with “doctors”, “experts”, “intuitive“, “herbalists”, content creators, marketing companies, and anyone else wanting to profit from the solutions and information that others, like myself, have always shared for free. There are herbs, like mimosa pudica, that swell up and look just like a Rope Worm, causing one to think they are expelling them. Social media is a circus filled with bots and fake profiles that pose as sufferers, to recommend products. When people begin to see through this deception and break the bank on ineffective remedies, we are here to help.

After beating this myself and for my two children, thousands of others have followed this same routine and it has helped them as well. I also spent thousands, trying everything suggested. In the end, there were only a few, key remedies that seemed to help almost everyone.

I list my symptoms at the bottom of this page, due to the graphic nature.

Rope Worm may actually be aged mucus, infested with pathogens, which seem to take on a life of its own. It acts like a parasite within our body. The partial DNA genome that was performed has raised many questions as to why strange and foreign DNA exists within it. Our body’s core becomes stagnant, our organ systems become sluggish, pathogenic infections are protected and thriving, blockages occur, as well as many other possible issues. Think of it as a plug, causing matter, organisms, and fungus to thrive in other systems, cavities, and channels of the body. Many claim to feel the Rope Worm move. While many debate this, I can say that I also experienced it. Upon trying to find an explanation, I read that microscopic fungal and bacterial pathogens may meld together, then move as one organism. If this occurs on a microscopic level, common sense tells us that it may occur on a macroscopic scale. No matter what it is, here we offer solutions, which is our main focus.

When we release the dense matter that has accumulated in the body, we lower pathogenic loads and ultimately raise our overall frequency. As many understand, Rope Worm may be a tool to keep us dense, manipulated, and it may keep our frequency low.

This is not a battle to be fought with aggressiveness. It seems that when this matter is released, our linings seem to then consistently produce more mucus. Ropes seem to harmonize with us, integrating while parasitizing. It is thought to synergize with digestion and to have a connection to the nervous system. The consistent replacement of mucus was the hardest attribute for me to resolve. We found that daily sweeping of the intestines and enemas may have have attributed to never-ending mucus formation. It was a “catch 22”, where if I overused the same things that helped, if overused, may have derailed my progress. Slowing mucus production needs to be done with balance, while allowing the body to do some work, to eventually take over on its own.

Before getting started, we suggest that you do your own research on fasting. Fasting has helped many to expel Ropes. Taking a detox regimen such as this may provide you with sustenance in between. Liver flushing is something to consider. I only ate raw egg smoothies for lunch and dinner, followed by a lightly baked meal, for five straight months. Carbohydrates and sugar may be your worst enemy. Consider drinking lemon water, day and night. Eucalyptus and lemon are popular astringents, which are substances that dry out mucus membranes and help to break biofilms.

I took a pinworm otc in preparation to begin a detox regimen. It targets multiple types of pathogens. It may have an intestinal flushing result as well. This was my experience, as I released many different substances and very large Ropes when taking it. I took a monthly dose for two months, then went to every other month. I took four doses over a year’s time.

I explain what I did in stages, or cycles. I did an aggressive first stage, lasting 4-6 weeks. This package is enough to do just this. Afterwards, with each stage, I gradually tapered off, going down to half the dose, at half the time. With every new cycle, I stayed with what helped the most and replaced what didn’t. Three cycles may actually last about a year’s time. When I took a two month’s break from sweeping, the mucus came back and quickly began to form more Ropes. I now suggest that you start, to keep sweeping until you do not see any matter at all, for two months. A weekly sweep will ensure that mucus does not get the chance to harden once more. Prepare your body and mind so that you can stay with the program, resulting in steady progress.

 Stage #1: Sweeping of the aged mucus out with an “intestinal cleanse” like our Intest~Ease. I recommend a 4–5-week regimen of sweeping twice a week, while taking antiparasitic herbs twice a week. Replenishment is supported daily. I call it the “sweep, kill, & replenish” method. One day intestinal herbs, one day parasitic herbs, with or without a day off. Daily tinctures, enzymes, collagen, and astringents are suggested, or frequently as possible. Doing an overnight belly button soak weekly may help reach places nothing the above seems to reach. The toxin binders and probiotics are optional, depending on how much gut support you need and how toxic you consider yourself to be. The top two tinctures we suggest are our Rope Solutions and Biofilm Grenade. If the bowels are not moving, enemas can be very helpful, short-term. We suggest staying at this stage until you notice that expelled matter is lighter in color, indicating newer growth. We would suggest sticking with this first stage frequency until that time. Drinking an astringent herbal tea, such as our HydroTea is part of our protocol daily.

Stage #2 Entails tinctures, collagen, and astringents daily in the beginning, tapering down, ending this cycle at half dose at half the time. Enzymes may offer support, ending the cycle at once or twice a week. It may be worth trying to switch the enzyme variation up or get an extra to rotate together. By the end of this cycle, you may want to consider only doing intestinal sweeping once a week, though very important to continue with. Parasitic herbs may be taken once weekly by the end of this stage. By now, you may only need a bowel-motivating blend as needed, allowing the body to work on its own. This package should last twice as long, although you may want to purchase a tincture or collagen if you want to take them more often. It may be worth considering trying different tinctures. For example, going forward you may want to focus on intestinal lining inflammation (Cytokine Storm) support. Inflammation processes may play a key role in mucus formation. Drinking an astringent herbal tea, such as our HydroTea is part of our protocol daily.

Stage #3 One should now have an idea as to what you may need and how often may be best for them. At this point, intestinal sweeping and parasitic herbs only need consistency, around once every two weeks. This results in a package like this lasting up to 4 months or more. Consider biweekly intestinal cleansing, until two months after no matter is seen. This may be the most important factor to beating Rope Worm, in our opinion. Some stay with weekly collagen and astringents all the way through as well. Bowel movement frequency should become more normal at this point. This is a point where the road is an individual path. Everyone will have different results, symptoms, amounts of mucus. It may take up to a year to successfully get rid of Rope, or longer. You should have the knowledge, intuition, and tools to take over your journey. Drinking an astringent herbal tea, such as our HydroTea is part of our protocol daily.

Let’s discuss raw eggs, collagen, and stem cells! Raw eggs are dense in both! Stem cells are like blank slates, cells that can replace damaged cells, with a remarkable capability to turn into a cell type that may be needed. For example, muscle cells, lung cells, heart cells, or liver cells. This is similar to the actions of collagen, which is what our body’s internal structures and, most importantly, the intestinal and other linings are made of. They are also dense in nutrients that we may need, especially the biotin within yolks, which may support skin, nails, and hair loss. I cannot stress the importance of the raw eggs, but I can say that of all the members healing with me in groups, I was the only one utilizing raw egg smoothies and I healed faster than most any others.

Cytokine cascades (inflammation) may be what pathogens use to manipulate our linings within the intestinal tract. Aged Rope matter may be pressed against the lining of the intestines for a long period of time. These may be prime conditions for fungus and other pathogens to send messages to our immune system to damage our own lining, as they sit back and feed, protected by the mucus. Once Ropes are removed, the damaged linings become exposed, coated in a slurry of dead cells and pathogenic matter. In my research I found that when you take collagen that is identical to your own, as it makes its way down the intestinal tract, it may get sucked up by damaged cells, to be used where it may be needed most. Due to constant mucus production, there is only a small window for things to come into contact with the lining. It is this window that offers prime “replenishing” opportunities. My liquid collagen complex contains collagen identical to our own, present in its original 3-D structure. Collagen powders may consist of fibrils that are damaged in the drying process.

I saturated my body in astringent compounds. From lemon or grapefruit in my water all day, to drinking an astringent herbal tea. I also used astringents in my enemas at the beginning of my journey. The astringent constituents are known for drying mucus membranes, and they may come into contact with the intestinal lining, most effectively between sweepings. We have created a product called HydroTea, which is a dense concentrate, made by distilling the herbs for longer than 24 hours. You can use this as an additive to hot water, instantly making a strong tea with little to no effort. 2+ droppers to a hot cup of water is all that you need. We offer a choice of grapefruit and lemon rinds or eucalyptus leaf and lemon, two herbs mentioned for support in Rope Worm publications. If you enjoy the process of making herbal tea, we also offer them in teabags as well. 

Enzymes are another remedy that I helped to introduce, as they were a top remedy that I attribute my healing of Rope Worm to. The mucus consists of protein matter, which is what the CrysaLynnserrapeptase enzymes specializes in. When our intestinal tracts become compacted with mucus, it seems that the blood tends to also becomes a thickened, gooey mass. The enzymes may go around like tiny Pac-men, dissolving this sticky protein matter that may accumulate. The thickened blood can also cause palpitations and blockages, which many sufferers have claimed to have, like myself. Although, I have to admit that many have claimed that the Candida Solutions enzymes has also helped them to expel ropes. This may be a sure indication to the fungal connections. This is a blend that dissolves plant cell matter, from the outside in, going after both the outer cell shell and the inner nucleus. Again, it may be ideal to rotate enzymes during, or with each stage.

At one point, I thought I invented the belly button soaks because there was no knowledge or information on them. While seeking out ways to reach my small intestine, to settle the sensations of something flipping around in that area, I found that the navel was the closest access point to this area. With my first navel soak, even after taking otc’s and many herbs, I released millions of fiber-like structures, via stool. Ridding of this fiberous mass, slowly seemed to stop the movements I was feeling. It was at this point that I began to see less mucus being expelled. I now make belly button soaking a part of my protocol, as a necessary layer to reach in anyone’s healing. It may be a way to reach one of the areas that has never been touched in our body beforehand. Our Belly Button Solutions navel soaks have always been a staple to our core protocols.

Even though I supplemented with a liquid collagen, I still ate daily raw egg smoothies, adding the inner shell membranes. We may never get enough collagen. When using a tart, frozen berry, it creates an ice cream-like smoothie that you can add all of your morning herbs to, as it helps bitter herbs tolerable. Using a straw may help to get it down more easily. There is nothing in the smoothies to feed fungus, which is an issue most with Rope Worm claim to suffer with. No matter what you may hear about eating berries, I healed from Rope Worm while eating almost nothing else! With starting my intestinal mix Intest~Ease and raw egg smoothies, skin tags and growths were literally shriveling up and falling off of my body! For those that do not wish to have raw eggs, you can reap their benefits by getting our Egg Solutions, which is a slowly dehydrated powder of the entire egg from free-range hens. 

We have created a liquid collagen that also contains bee byproducts, such as bee venom, HiveZymes. It has been helpful in helping to dissolve “bands” that many with Rope Worm claim to have in upper areas of the body. I have termed this “elevated Rope Worm”, as it is believed to be the most advanced stage that one may have. Those with this compare them to “rubber bands”, that seem to connect to areas like the shoulders, lower jaw, or within the chest during. More studies are needed on this matter to determine the possibilities.

Lemons, grapefruit, limes, and eucalyptus contain astringent compounds like tannins and gallic acids. They are mostly known for their support with mucus of the throat and lungs. These are similar to the intestinal lining. Even these areas have been known to form mucus similar to a Rope Worm. Astringents constrict and tone tissues, shrink, dry, prevent the leaking of needed fluids, and promote the secretion of unwanted or an excess of fluids. When you saturate your own body in them, you may help your body to not only dissolve mucus but to also slow down the production processes of it, which helps your body to maintain the compounds needed for other things that it uses to create the mucus. Those that are suffering with Rope Worm feel as though constant mucus depletes their body of needed vitamins, nutrients, and other molecules. This is why water is needed in large amounts while detoxing it as well. This can help you to prevent any dehydration that may occur in chronic mucus production. 

Rope Worm have been said to affect the esophagus and the nasal passage. Some have removed long, rubbery structure from the nasal cavity, including myself. It may be similar to the “bands” we discussed above. I was not aware that it was there, and it was an inch thick and approximately eight inches long! The medical community knows this as “Bronchial Casts”. We have photos of them in our “Graphic Photossection of this website. Many remedies may be added to a nebulizing machine. Aromatherapy may be one of the only ways to reach some of these areas, as they cannot be swept out like the intestinal tract. Therefore, consider biofilm dissolution support. For example, our Nasal Solutions spray.

Those who have had Rope Worm may understand the threat to our health is very real and it may require bold and decisive attention. Regardless of if Rope Worm is found to be a parasite or a creation by the body itself, we must learn of the mechanisms by which it forms, the behaviors of each of its components, and solutions for them. Modern medicine has still to catch up and provide solutions. Science is not fully familiar with, recognizing, or currently studying the Rope Worm. 

I urge anyone that wishes to learn more about this phenomenon to purchase the Rope Worm eBook, written by a friend and colleague, who understands this matter as I do. He has included information from our conversations and some of the theories that we have tossed around in our conversations over the years. Click Here.

Here we discuss adding other products that we offer separately from this package. The Enema~Ease additive, or Suppositor~Ease inserts both come in “Rope Solutions” and “Biofilm Grenade” scents. We also offer a metal chelation formula Metal Mop, which is a blend of potent metal-moppers.

This package comes with 2 Tinctures. The top suggestion is Rope Solutions, formulated with herbs to target the most prevalent pathogens found in the DNA genome, which were E. coli and Klebsiella. We feel the need to mention other signature blends that you may also find helpful. As we have mentioned bringing in cytokine support like our Cytokine Storm blend, containing potent adaptogens that specialize in cytokines released by inflamed intestinal tracts. Many also offer astringent support. We have a blend, Homeostase~Ease, which was very helpful with my spleen area. Garlic Tearsis a blend of garlic and asafoetida, an herb with compounds used in many animal antiparasitic pharmaceuticals. Fluke~Easeis intended to support the removal of fluke pathogens, formulated with herbs from studies. Biofilm Grenade is intended to disrupt the biofilm matrix, which also disables pathogenic quorum communication. 

If I had known more back then, I would have used a water purification product, to ensure that my body received clean water. We have our own product, inspired by the popular MMS, called Crystal Clear Solutions. The Rope Worm community has claimed that it has been very helpful. I encourage you all to do your own research on this subject.  

It may be worth taking a look at the work I created in translating the original Rope Worm Genome, by Dr. Alex Volinsky. In no way is he affiliated with us, or our translation. It took a year of my life to complete. We simply translated scientific names, making it easier to read and I grouped them by prevalence. Click here to view our “Translation Of The Partial Rope Worm DNA Genome. As you will see, there are strange DNA proteins that may not necessarily belong in our body.

Package Options: 

1. DisEase Solutions® Ionic Core Cleanse: 

To read detailed information about our cleanse, Click Here. All 4 mixes have a powerful synergy! The two core mixes you will get with a 2-mix cleanse, our intestinal sweep may push out any matter/debris, as the rotated parasitic herbs target newly exposed parasitic pathogens. With choosing a 4-mix cleanse, you also receive toxin binders, designed to go after many types of toxins and our probiotics contain prebiotics to feed them. You have a choice of powdered, liquid, or encapsulated options.

  • 2 Mix Cleanse (Intestinal & Parasitic Mixes Only)

Intest~Ease (Intestinal Biofilm Sweep)

Parasite~Ease (Parasitic Purifier)


  • 4 Mix Cleanse (All 4 Synergistic Mixes)

Intest~Ease (Intestinal Biofilm Sweep)

Parasite~Ease (Parasitic Purifier)

Impurit~Ease™ (Toxin Binder Complex)

Pro/Pre~Ease™ (Probiotics, Prebiotics, & Enzymes)

2. 2 Tincture Special:

You get to choose two tinctures from a selection of our top support for Rope Worm processes. We have prefilled in the top recommended blends, although we allow you to choose from multiple blends. You can look up the names on this website, to get more information on each blend. Here are our top 3 recommendations to choose from:

3. Collagen Support:

Our liquid collagen complex is made with the membranes of organic, free-range chickens. Collagen may be important because it may patch up holes in linings and tissues, as well as give the pathogens something to feed on while the body heals itself. This seems to be the case as to why it has been working so well for others thus far.

4. Enzymes: 

  • CrysaLynn protein-based, proteolytic enzymes. Our enzymes are of the purest and strongest quality that can be found. We use NO fillers. We feel that enzymes are of the utmost importance, as they were something that I took in my own journey back to health. Enzymes may help to dismantle and dissolve protein matter. Some components that may be comprised of proteins is cellular matter, which can be dead, or damaged red blood cells and even the excessive white blood cells that can build up when immunity is compromised. Cholesterol is a substance that is also targeted by enzymes such as these.


  • Candida Solutions plant cell dismantling enzymes that are designed to chip away at plant matter, which includes fungus. Fungal cell walls have an outer core made up of cellulose and an inner core of proteins. Therefore, this mix contains components that are known to chip away at the wall of the cell, ultimately making its way into the nucleus. It is a pure mix of cellulase, hemicellulase, and protease enzymes with NO fillers!

5. Astringent Support:

 I have consistently informed everyone on how helpful an astringent can be in drying mucus membranes. The key to healing Rope Worm may be to disrupt the production processes. I offer a choice of HydroTea, which is distilled grapefruit and lemon rinds with added zinc. You simply add 2 droppers to 4 oz. of hot water for an instant cup of astringent herbal tea. You can also opt for 3 oz. of bagged herbal tea of Eucalyptus & Lemon, two herbs that are mentioned in Rope Worm publications. Our herbal teabags can be brewed 3x’s, making 3 cups of lovely tea each!


6. Belly Button Solutions:

 We are proud pioneers of navel soaking! Our navel soaks come in an array of “scents” offering you multidimensional benefits. There may be a direct connection to the lymphatic system through the navel. Doing them while sleeping may be best and you will see that the body seems to soak in every drop through the navel! This package comes with many options but the Fiber~Ease™ scent is the highest recommended. It is the first that we created, helping my body expel millions of fiber-like structures!

7. Reese’s Pinworm otc:

 We are offering a free bottle of Reese’s Pinworm otc with this package. I feel that it was crucial to my own healing.

Happy Cleansing!

My Symptoms

A mention of the symptoms that quickly came on with a complete Rope Worm compaction within my body. In November 2015 I felt strong and healthy, yet by March 2016 I had the following issues mentioned here. Keep in mind that I was literally the worst cases I had seen. I had not had a bowel movement in two months and my entire body became septic. The first time I released matter, I expelled a thick, black substance like tar, similar to a baby’s first stool called meconium, for two solid weeks. I found my first Rope Worm, along with thousands of “flukes”. God himself only knows what I expelled beforehand. I was bedridden, too sick to take care of myself and to tend to my children. I find myself lucky, and guided, to have lived through my experience.

My symptoms were: massive loss of hair coming out in clumps, shaking of the head similar to Parkinson’s symptoms, chronic fatigue, loss of speech, anxiety and panic attacks, persistent sugar cravings, headaches, auditory hallucinations of loud booms like explosions, floaters within my eyes, feeling of tiny organisms spinning movements inside of my skull, sickness like the flu that never went away, insomnia, weight gain so erratic that I can only explain that I swelt up so large that my arms wouldn’t lay flat at my sides, a boring sensation within my breast going deeper as time passed, a lump formed on my chest that randomly swelt up very large, skin taht looked like an 80 year old woman, broken blood vessels covered my chest, a large lump formed under the left rib cage near the spleen area, my bowels completely stopped and I did not use the bathroom on my own for two months, disks within my back had slipped out of place while sleeping, fiber-like structures were coming out of my eyes, red patches like a rash covered the inside of my mouth, constant sore throat, fungus on my toes and toenails, large growths like black mushrooms blooming on my arms, cysts appearing under the skin on my legs, heart palpitations, chest aching, a pulling sensation within the muscles of my lower jaw, approximately 8 inch hardened rubbery strands of mucus came from out of my nose and throat, and massive movements like a snake thrashing around inside of my stomach. 

Additional information

Weight N/A
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Cleansing Options:

2 Mix Powdered Cleanse, 2 Mix Liquid Cleanse, 2 Mix Encapsulated Cleanse, 4 Mix Powdered Cleanse, 4 Mix Liquid Cleanse, 4 Mix Encapsulated Cleanse

Tincture #1 Option

Biofilm Grenade™ (Biofilm Busting Support), Constipation Solutions™, Cytokine Storm™, Fluke~Ease™, Garlic Tears™, Homeostase~Ease™ (AntiFungal/Organ/MultiDimensional), Medi/Mush~Ease™, Parasite~Ease™, Pathogenic Purge™, Rope Solutions™, Tape Solutions™

Tincture #2 Option

Biofilm Grenade™, Constipation Solutions™, Cytokine Storm™, Fluke~Ease™, Garlic Tears™, Homeostase~Ease™, Medi/Mush~Ease™, Parasite~Ease™, Pathogenic Purge™, Rope Solutions™, Tape Solutions™


8 oz. OralToler~Ease™ Liquid Collagen

Enzymatic Solutions™

Candida Solutions™ Liquid 4 oz. Colloidal Enzyme, CrysaLynn™ Serrapeptase 1 oz. Pure Powder

Astringent Support:

4 oz. HydroTea™ (Grapefruit/Lemon/Zinc) (60 Cups), 4 oz. HydroTea™ (Eucalyptus & Lemon), 15 Bags of Grapefruit & Lemon Rind (45 Cups), 15 Bags of Eucalyptus & Lemon (45 Cups)

Belly Button Solutions™

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