Awakening Solutions™ Essential Oil Package


Signature Blend Essential Oil

100% Pure, Therapeutic-Grade

Topical Support For: Awakening & The Divine Dimensions of the Body!


Awakening Solutions Combo Discussion:

If you find yourself to be curious about these specific oils, your body may be telling you that it may be a part of your truth. You may be ready to receive this information, which are the initial stages of what is known as an “Awakening”. This package includes a bottle of Pineal Solutions, Divine Dimensions, and an optional intestinal cleanse. Our core may harbor matter that keeps us dense.

We live in a time of uncharted, unknown waters. We seem to be a part of the historical shift of consciousness! Up until recently, it seems as though we have been “sleeping”, or suppressed as we like to call it. Support your own personal process, feel your emotions, love yourself, clear past aggressions and grudges, be kind to others, love one another, and always try to do the right thing. This is the way most have always lived their life and this may determine your position in the future.

 We are all maturing in growth, awareness, and wisdom, all together, all at once. These products together will support you in this evolutionary upshift. This is world-changing work! We always focus on the negative part of our journey. Others are constantly asking, “why me”, “why did I get sick”, “why do I have all of this to learn”. You are experiencing an awakening at this point and don’t even realize it. We together are helping to restore a balance of love, health, and knowledge once more.

 You will crave to learn more, to know more, as this is a final step in the completion of your higher self. Reach the highest self that you can be! Once the pineal stagnation is clearing, This duo may help your awakening to be a more positive experience, your inner “self” may begin to give you clearer and more direct information. For example, when researching about your health, you may understand more in a way that you couldn’t seem to comprehend before. Similar to brain fog lifting and not feeling so lost. It is a positive course that may reunite you with who you are, why you are here, and how to control and manage your creative power.

Humanity and spirituality are changing, and these changes are unique and inclusive to each person, as your journey through depends on many factors, including your own energetic channels, past lives, experiences, and learned lessons and information. This is a learning process and it is something to support! Expand your consciousness by supporting the processes of the body that are also going through these energetic and vibrational changes.

We advocate and focus on the intestinal debris and inflammation that may occur with the constant intake of toxins in this toxic world. When the intestinal tract is cleared of this matter, our energetic frequency may flow and pulsate at a higher rate! The matter that builds inside may be related to the low frequencies we are experiencing as well. For these reasons, and more, we recommend adding our intestinal cleanse Intest~Ease. It may assist these oils to do their job more effectively!

Mother Earth needs us! We may start a “ripple effect” and when we love, we may pulsate infectiousness, emotion, and feelings that are the highest of them all, possibly raising the vibrational energy of the entire universe!

An “Essential Oil” is the soul, or essence, of a plant. 

We have worked very closely with essential oils for years now, gaining ample time, and personal experience to truly get to know each oil. They are multidimensional and we understand their scents, properties, dangers, blending preferences, synergistic qualities, and their similarities! We have selected oils from all over the world to offer you an amazing list to choose from! This includes signature blends and exclusive essential oils, some of which we purchase from the same vendors as the big name companies. Don’t be fooled by large companies that claim their oils are unique to them, or that they make all of them. This is a difficult process that takes tons of fresh plant material to accomplish and there is no single company, in the entire world, with capabilities to make every essential oil. 

Essential oils may heighten our emotional, mental, and physical states by supporting the body’s processes, naturally. Each molecule delivers healing properties by either inhalation or topical penetration. The second you inhale the molecule, it comes into contact with the olfactory system, which are tiny nerves with sensors that pass signals on to the brain. The brain then becomes a messenger, delivering them to where they are needed the most. Neurotransmitters are released to begin whatever process the oil compounds support. Adaptogens are known for delivering compounds to where they are needed the most, which is why every signature blend contains at least one apoptogenic oil.

Essential oil quality is always in question. Companies can make any claims they want, without consequence. We can assure you quality, purity, and reputability, but at a more economical price. You truly do not need to spend a fortune on essential oils to receive their benefits. Most oils must be mixed with a carrier before being used on the skin. They are pure, accomplished, and powerful.

The bottles we provide avoid many issues. We feel that a glass dropper bottle is the best way to store and use essential oils. The dropper avoids touching and spilling them. No one wants to sacrifice or waste quality essential oils. Each oil has its own identity and signature detail of a colored, decorative stripe on the top of the dropper, along with individual labels. The collectors know, nothing’s worse than having to lift every bottle in your collection, turning each bottle to read the label, in order to see what it is. You will see the beautiful colored themes representing whatever it is you intend to grab at the top of the bottle.

Steam distilled oils are the traditional way to extract the compounds from plant material. Some, like citrus oils, are extracted using a cold-pressed process. This avoids any damage to constituents. We also offer a few absolutes, which are essential oils extracted by solvents, The solvent is mostly evaporated during the production process. Absolutes are normally used on the delicate and most beloved blossoms, like the lotus flower.

We are proud to be the pioneer of belly button soaks! These are new and uncharted waters that have only begun to have the connections researched. The navel is connected directly and indirectly to many important parts of the body. You can learn more about navel soaking by visiting our “Belly Button Solutions” product information.

There are at least two other places on the body, where we suspect the application of substances there, they may offer deeper access to harder to reach areas. The “Tear Drop” method consists of applying drops to the back of the neck and allowing the diluted oils to drip down the spine. There is a dent, between our back shoulder blades, where every nerve of the body crisscrosses. We also have a vein on the back of our necks that may act as a portal to the Vagus nerve . There is little to no information available that can be found on the accessibility of these areas. We have always used common sense, rather than trusting everything outside sources state to be true. 

Essential oils provide a natural, toxin-free way of replacing chemical household and cosmetic products. Be your own alchemist and mix them together, with carriers, to create your own D.I.Y. concoctions to clean the home. Otherwise, simply choose a signature blend, as we have done all the work and research for you. The uses and benefits are limitless!

Get to know essential oils yourself. Come to understand what is referred to as a “carrier oil”. The name indicates just that, as it binds and carries the essential oil into the skin. Otherwise, it may sit on the top of and burn the skin with direct application. Some of our favorite carrier oils are, but not limited to: coconut, olive, avocado, sunflower, and grape seed.

Some ideas for D.I.Y. uses, with dilution, would be: belly button soaks, the nerve on the back of the neck, between the shoulder blades, bottoms of the feet, wrists, beneath the breasts, body wash additive, breath fresheners, carpet powder additive, perfume, room/linen spray, cosmetic additive, diffusing, flavoring in food, foot/hand & detox baths/soaks, dampen cotton balls to place in/around air conditioner/fans,  home cleaning water additive, insect bite & possible preventative, jetted tubs, as a preservative, laundry freshener/sanitizer, additive for lotion, shampoo, conditioner, cosmetics, shower gel, candles, soap, washing produce, room and vehicle fresheners, vacuum and trash can fresheners, aromatherapy, steam inhalation, and many others!

Colloidal Essential Oil

We offer a 2 oz. lipospheric version of each oil. This means that we colloid it, which is binding oxygen molecules into the essential oil, utilizing ultrasonic encapsulation, create an outstanding collaboration! This method encapsulates the essential oil molecule, along with other herbal molecules, into tiny bubbles that may be small enough to be delivered as microscopic substances. What they offer is maximum absorption, higher bioavailability, and oil that perfectly blends into water. It creates nano-sized molecules. They may pass through the skin layer much more efficiently, are stable, and have a longer shelf life. Each order is processed to order, ensuring all of the ultrasonic energy goes into that single product. It is ready to use and requires no dilution. Each 2 oz. colloidal oil contains almost ½ oz of that oil and I combine it with some of the most skin healing properties I could find, including collagen peptides.

You see, essential oils are not water-soluble. Oil and water do not mix. After the colloidal process, you can watch a drop of your collided oil spreading evenly throughout, into the water-based solution. Without this colloidal encapsulation, the oil would simply float on the top. This may offer an enhanced experience and may be great for belly button soaks and many types of skin uses because of its enhanced absorption!

Start your own collection of Dis~Ease Solutions® essential oils!

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