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The day has arrived where parasitic infections are becoming common knowledge, as most don’t need convincing that they may be susceptible to having one. After a lifetime of not knowing, or believing, we may get them, ironically it turns out that most all of us may have one today. 

We focus on modern issues pertaining to parasites, fibers, and mucus, all aspects that not many know much about. Most companies out there are simply copycats, mimicking smaller businesses like us, that clear the path. For the past six years, we have helped lead the way to find natural solutions to assist in fighting parasitic and pathogenic infections. We actually were the first to advocate many of the detox methods that you commonly hear about today. 

The statement, “We all may have parasites”, maybe a huge understatement! So much has come to light, in relation to parasites. We can pick them up in many ways, including contact with insects, food, water, sex, the air we breathe, household pets, animals, and even penetration directly through the skin. They may also be an indication of a compromised immune system, which explains why some are more affected than others, especially within the same household.

Many mistakenly consider themselves done with cleansing when they should consider a long-term maintenance protocol to chip away at the systemic layers that may come with them. This package is a collection of tools for your parasitic arsenal. Keep in mind that staying consistent may be more beneficial than aggressively fighting, as pathogens may encyst with the detection of your persistence. Not to mention constant egg-laying. The reinfection factor may be huge.

We suggest at least two methods of administration to achieve a saturation of parasitic compounds: powder, encapsulated, tea, or tincture form. Some may go to the gut, another may penetrate sublingually into the blood, therefore circulating to the organs. You may also get creative with your herbs and experiment with yourself by using them in many ways. For example, a tincture can be used on the skin, or as an additive to things like shampoo, cleaning water for the home, or even carpet cleaning solutions. It seems an infestation can spread to the skin, or home, therefore making your own combinations cannot be surpassed. 

There are many options for you to customize your own package, although, we have listed here, and prefilled the option boxes with, the selections that we feel may benefit most others. Everyone is different and this may not be the best selection for everyone, therefore choose what calls out to you!

Package Options 

1. DisEase Solutions® Ionic Core Cleanse: 

To read detailed information about our cleanse, Click Here. All 4 mixes have a powerful synergy and all is highly recommended! The intestinal sweep may push out any matter/debris, as the rotated parasitic herbs target newly exposed areas and present parasitic pathogens. In the meantime, the toxin binders were designed to go after many types of toxins. The day is finished off by taking probiotics with prebiotics to feed them. There are also pure enzymes in the mix to assist in many types of cleansing, from blood support to biofilm dissolution. You have a choice of powdered (recommended), liquid tinctures, or encapsulated options.

  • 2 Mix Cleanse (Intestinal & Parasitic Mixes Only)

Impurit~Ease™ (Toxin Binder Complex)

Pro/Pre~Ease™ (Probiotics, Prebiotics, & Enzymes)


  • 4 Mix Cleanse (All 4 Synergistic Mixes)

Intest~Ease (Intestinal Biofilm Sweep)

Parasite~Ease™ (Parasitic Purifier)

Impurit~Ease™ (Toxin Binder Complex)

Pro/Pre~Ease™ (Probiotics, Prebiotics, & Enzymes)

2. Parasite~Ease Saturation:

As we mention in the discussion above, it may be helpful to get the same blend in different versions, all of which together, may achieve saturation. The blend that you may want to saturate with? Obviously our Parasite~Ease! This comes in the above 2 or 4 mix cleanse, therefore here we allow you to choose it in whichever version you wish, preferably in a different method of administration.

  • Parasite~Ease Powder – 4 oz. of our powdered parasite-supportive cleanse mix. Remember, if you chose a powdered 2 or 4 mix above, you may want to choose that blend in a different version for this option. 
  • Parasite~Ease Tincture – 4 oz. tincture where the compounds of the mix are more bioavailable and ready for uptake, bypassing digestion by going into the body under the tongue. It is to be held under the tongue for a minute or two and then swallowed with water.
  • Parasite~Ease Glycerite – 4 oz. glycerite, which is vegetable glycerin. The compounds are extracted into the solution as well, although, not as intense as the tincture when it comes to bioavailability. It is a good choice for animals, children, or for those sensitive to alcohol.
  • Parasite~Ease Herbal Tea – 4 oz. of bagged tea. Keep in mind that this is one of the most bitter blends that exist! Therefore the tea is not for the faint-hearted. 
  • Parasite~EaseCapsules – 60 capsules, which may be the best option for those that do not tolerate bitter herbs well.

3. 2 Tincture Special:

 4 oz. Tincture selection of those in particular that we feel may support parasitic processes. Stay consistent and rotate remedies, in attempts to lower resistance factors.

  • Worm Specific – 4 oz. blend of all of the powerful herbs that we did not use in our Parasite~Ease blend. That does not mean they are ineffective! Many use these individual herbs to fight parasites by themselves, although we feel blends cannot be beaten! 


  • Fluke~Ease– A 4 oz. tincture blend that has had high success with supporting the release of intestinal parasites for our customers, according to feedback. Fluke-like parasites are very common when others first cleanse and they can also be tricky to eradicate. Having support like this ensures that it may be an easier journey for you to accomplish.

4. Enzymes: 

  • CrysaLynn protein-based, proteolytic enzymes that dissolve proteins. Protein may be involved in many types of matter and pathogens, which includes the protein coat many of them may have. These enzymes may be capable of going through the blood like tiny “pac men”, eating away microscopic pathogens, including the biofilms they may create. You get to choose between powdered, an oral spray, or our lipospheric enzymes. 

5. Reese’s Pinworm OTC:

When my family was ill, this was something that we incorporated into our regimen.

6. Supplemental Support:

Here we give an option to add extra support to your parasitic package. There are many types of support offered here. Only you can choose what may be best for you.

  • Metal Mop – 4 oz. of our metal chelation blend. Heavy metals may come hand in hand with a parasitic infection. Many parasites may feed on metals or cause the detox pathways of the body to become stagnated, which in turn may retain metals.


  • Suppositor~Ease – 45 inserts that can be used in the vagina or colon that come in our Parasite~Ease scent. 


  • QuerBerine Tea – 4 oz. of a liquid quercetin and berberine solution. Many herbalists suggest the use of these compounds to assist with parasitic and bacterial infections. Many seek out herbs that have a high berberine content without knowing its synergy with quercetin! 

6. Belly Button Solutions:

 We are proud to have pioneered navel soaking, in an array of “scents” that offer you multi-dimensional benefits! There may be a direct connection to the lymphatic system through the navel. There is more connectivity than ever thought! This comes in the Parasite~Ease scent;

7. Nasal Solutions:

Nasal sprays may bypass digestion to break over the blood/brain barrier, carrying compounds to systemic areas. They contain already extracted compounds of highly respected plants that we consider to be superior at delivering them on a systemic, silver platter! This spray comes in the Parasite~Ease scent.

8. PreDiluted Essential Oils:

  • Parasite~Ease™ Prediluted Essential Oil  – a 1/2 oz. prediluted essential oil for you to use however you, and your practitioner, see fit. Normally we advocate not to take essential oils orally, although, in this case, by drops, we make an acceptation. The feedback on this blend supporting parasite issues has been very successful! This is actually 1 of 3 oils that we suggest using by drops, diluted. 


  • Garlic Tears™ Prediluted Essential Oil  – a 1/2 oz. of a spectacular essential oil blend for parasite support. It contains asafoetida, an extract that is highly used by the pharmaceutical companies. Normally we advocate not to take essential oils orally, although, in this case, by drops, we make an acceptation. This is actually 1 of 3 oils that we suggest using by drops, diluted. 

Happy Cleansing!!!

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Cleanse Option #1

2 Mix Core Cleanse Powdered (Intestinal & Parasitic), 2 Mix Core Cleanse Liquid (Intestinal & Parasitic Mixes), 2 Mix Core Cleanse Encapsulated (Intestinal & Parasitic Mixes), 4 Mix Core Cleanse Powdered (All Mixes), 4 Mix Core Cleanse Liquid (All Mixes), 4 Mix Core Cleanse Encapsulated (All Mixes)

Parasite~Ease™ Saturation:

4 oz. Parasite~Ease™ Herbal Powder, 4 oz. Parasite~Ease™ Tincture, 4 oz. Parasite~Ease™ Glycerite, 60 Parasite~Ease™ Capsules, 4 oz. Parasite~Ease™ Bagged Herbal Tea

Tincture #1 Option

Biofilm Grenade™ (Biofilm Busting Support), BritN~Ease™ (AntiFungal/Organ Supportive), Constipation Solutions™, CryptoClaw™, Cytokine Storm™, Encystment Solutions™, Fluke~Ease™, Fungal~Ease™, Garlic Tears™, Homeostase~Ease™ (AntiFungal/Organ/MultiDimensional), Lyme Solutions™, Lymph~Ease™, Parasite~Ease™, Pathogenic Purge™, Plasma~Ease™, Rope Solutions™, Tape Solutions™

Tincture #2 Option

Biofilm Grenade™, BritN~Ease™ (AntiFungal/Organ Supportive), Constipation Solutions™, CryptoClaw™, Cytokine Storm™, Encystment Solutions™, Fluke~Ease™, Fungal~Ease™, Garlic Tears™, Homeostase~Ease™, Lyme Solutions™, Lymph~Ease™, Parasite~Ease™, Pathogenic Purge™, Plasma~Ease™, Rope Solutions™, Tape Solutions™

Enzymatic Solutions™

Candida Solutions™ 1 oz. Pure Powdered Enzymes, Candida Solutions™ Liquid 4 oz. Colloidal Enzyme, Candida Solutions™ Liquid 4 oz. Oral Spray, CrysaLynn™ Serrapeptase 1 oz. Pure Powder, CrysaLynn™ Serrapeptase Liquid 4 oz. Colloidal Enzyme, CrysaLynn™ Serrapeptase Liquid 4 oz. Oral Spray

Supplement Solutions:

4 oz. QuerBerine Tea™ (Quercetin/Berberine/Green Tea) Solution, 4 oz. OralToler~Ease™ Bioavailable Collagen, 4 oz. CoQNAC (CoQ10 & NAC) Solution, 45 Suppositor~Ease™ Inserts in Parasite~Ease Scent

Belly Button Solutions™

Nasal Spray Options:


PreDiluted Essential Oil Options:

Parasite~Ease™ PreDiluted Essential Oil, Garlic Tears™ PreDiluted Essential Oil


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