Hydrosol Solutions™


Hydrosols are the essence of an herb that is created during the distillation extraction process of essential oils. The essential oil floats to the top of the water, and upon. First, the hydrosol, or water, is removed and it contains trace amounts of the essential. It also contains all of the compounds contained in that plant that are water-soluble, including the terpenes!

My hydrosols may contain more essential oil than most others because I don’t remove it. I include it and allow it to stay in my hydrosol.

Hydrosol can be used in almost any way that essential oils can be! You can use them in everything from a detox bath, an additive to lotions, shampoos, for use on the skin, and even to put a few drops in your water, smoothie, or herbal tea each day to maintain an accumulative amount of plant compounds!

This magical water is sold by others in beauty products because of the superior skin benefits it contains. 

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Showing all 2 results