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Asafoetida Resin Discussion:

There is nothing more exciting than this resin here! The information that we discovered related to it is so important, that we feel we can only direct you to just take a look! Click Here to read substantial information. It tells us that this herb may be significant for pathogenic and mite infestations, in a way that no other herb we know of has!

This is an herb that may require to be mixed with another herb, due to its potency. Therefore, the herbal tea is mixed with an amazing adaptogen, ashwagandha root. The liquid products are purely asafoetida powder, concentrated ferula resin, and the concentrated oil extraction. 

There are different versions of this herb, which are basically the different concentrations. It is also known as Hing. Asafoetida is the ground root of the ferula plant. The ferula, or galbanum resin, is a concentrated extract of asafoetida. Then there is the essential oil, which is a highly concentrated steam distillation of the plant. You will find both the asafoetida and the resin in this product, and you can find the essential oil by Clicking Here.

Hing, or asafoetida, is a widely used spice in Indian recipes. It has a pungent smell, similar to garlic, as well as a potent taste. It is used by others to support things like topical use, breathing issues, stimulation of a lost menstrual cycle, sexually transmitted occurrences, depression, nerve stimulation, colic in children (through the navel), painful gas, parasites, fungus, aromatherapy, and its just an amazing step for anyone to try in their regimen.

Do NOT take it while pregnant. NOT for use in infants children orally. For small children, you can rub it on the navel. If breastfeeding, you may want only minute amounts and with food. If a reaction occurs, discontinue.


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