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For Support with “Intestinal Mucus” Processes


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Your package will offer an anonymous, $50 donation towards the advancement and financial assistance of the Rope Worm Genome Project!

What has been termed “Rope Worm” has provided a puzzle of sorts for those who learn of this new phenomena. I am appreciative of those who provided information that helped me and my family in the past to reverse these processes within us. I have also added a discussion section below the product information here for those who wish to know more about “Rope Worm”.

As a result, I created Dis~Ease Solutions®

This is a package intended to support the body with mucus processes. In my opinion, one of the most important first steps in cleansing. 

I think of it as a biofilm process that once compaction occurs, it may have the potential to function similar to what we think of as a parasite. Some are calling it “intestinal lining” but they are doing so without proper studies. Most importantly, they are dismissing personal experiences and not taking testimonies into consideration. To me, it is saying that our opinions do not matter.

To be clear, I am not calling it a parasite, and I never have. That is not my area of expertise and it is a word that scares and distracts others. I am all about finding solutions. Although moving forward it is obvious that more studies are needed but one of the most important factors is to listen to those who have experienced having it! It is time for us, as a society, to sweep out our core, which is the gut. This may lessen loads of pathogens, mucus, and even harbored negative energy!

I saturated my body with collagen, enzymes, tinctures, and belly button soaks, which are all now helping others. It is important to clear out the intestines, where our body expels potentially harmful matter through excretions. Keeping the bowels moving, on their own to lessen the need for enemas is crucial, in my opinion. We can attempt to do this with herbs, rather than to insert foreign liquid substances, which may ultimately aggravate the intestinal lining. What does the lining do when it feels it needs protection? It may produce mucus! Why would harmful pathogens want to “set up shop” in an open environment when there is mucus to use as a foundation? I try to think about things in simple terms, as I feel that overthinking may make the healing processes more difficult.

It is worth mentioning a possible key factor that I discovered when performing Belly Button Solutions navel soaks. The morning after doing my first one, it seemed to clear my core of millions of fiber-like structures. After eight months of cleansing, it was only this product that seemed to affect them. Afterward, it seemed like my energy levels were raised and balanced. I completely felt tit supercharged my core chakra, in turn, raising my frequency!

My method of cleansing is to “sweep, battle, and replenish”, “sweep, battle, and replenish”, over and over, tapering down as we go, while staying consistent, long-term. As those of us who have battled an overproduction of mucus know, if an issue exists, it seems like it never stops or goes away. Do not give up! Create your own long-term regimen that consists of sweeping your gut on a consistent basis and you too may see mucus begin to lessen, over time.

I think that it is important to have options to start with, to use as you research and learn on your own. Intestinal cleansing and pathogen cleansing are very different processes that require different herbs. When rotated together, they may make one of the most powerful ways to cleanse. Rotating them may expose hidden pathogens as you sweep mucus out, bit by bit. For the first time cleansers who suspect mucus, or parasites, it is recommended to do three rounds of cleansing. After the first initial round, do a second one at half the doses and at half of the time, afterwards, applying the same concept on the last round. This will make three packages last almost a year! You want to stick with what helps as you go and by all means, add whatever other supplements and remedies that also seem to be helping, to create your own long-term protocol!

Your package will include:

  • 4 Mix Special (Powdered): 1. Intest~Ease intestinal sweep 4.5 oz. / Parasite~Ease parasitic purifier 4 oz. / Impurit~Ease toxin binding complex / 4. Pro/Pre~Ease probiotics with prebiotics blend.
  • Expulsion Solutions organ-purging supportive elixir 4 oz.
  • Berberine Solutions liquid berberine supplement 2 oz.
  • NAC Solutions liquid NAC supplement 2 oz.
  • CrysaLynn pure, pharmaceutical grade Serrapeptase enzymes 1.3 oz. powder
  • OralToler~Ease bioavailable collagen complex 4 oz.
  • Belly Button Bath pre-diluted navel soak 2 oz.
  • Constipation Solutions bowel-inducing elixir 4 oz.
  • VitaMin~Ease ionic vitamin, mineral, and fulvic/humic acid complex

“Rope Worm” Discussion

Thousands of people say they suffer from chronic mucus. Many have symptoms of Lyme, Autism, and the condition called Morgellons. The Rope Worm Genome Project is headed by Alex Volinsky who is organizing the fundraising and subsequent efforts in attempts to find out what it is by using full genome sequencing via the top US genomics laboratory. I urge everyone to donate and assist in the efforts. For each “Rope Worm” Discount Package purchased, I will be donating $50 of it to this research.

The odds have seemed against any significant progress with studies, for many reasons. Funding is key. Intelligent bacteria behavior, communication, and melding capabilities have not been appreciatively studied at all, thus very little is known about them. Lastly, some of the components they are finding may not even be in the genome bank itself!

Those who have had an infection resulting in the release of this matter, including myself, know that the threat to our health is very real and it may require bold and decisive attention. Regardless if rope worm is found to be a parasite or a creation by the body itself, we must learn of the mechanisms by which it forms and the behaviors of each of its components, as modern medicine has still to catch up and provide solutions. Modern science is not fully familiar with, recognizing, or currently studying the rope worm. It has become a popular phenomenon lately and I am confident that studies are underway.

It is only by taking matters into our own hands and putting the pieces of the puzzle together that we will progress to improve the lives of our current and future generations. In doing so, this topic may become common knowledge. I feel it all stagnates our core, blocks our energy and frequency, and keeps us from capabilities that we don’t even know we are capable of! Join in the movement by simply purchasing a package and you may experience the amazing progress that I have had. As a sufferer myself, I have created and used some of these products successfully in my own battles. I now offer to you what has helped me best along the way!

I urge anyone that wishes to learn about this phenomenon, which was written based on science and on the theories of myself and my colleague. It contains modern facts and the experiences of two people who have experienced it and now dedicate our lives to advocation and helping others. It is less than $5, which simply covers the costs. Click Here


To view the Partial DNA Sequencing by Dr. Alex Volinsky, Click Here.


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