Core “Protocol” Package


Core “Protocol” Package 

Customize & Create Your Own Protocol!

To Increase Success, Add Raw Egg Smoothies & Monthly Salt/C Flushes!



Here we have the most comprehensive, universal package for everyone to use as a starting point in any detox regimen. It can be customized by you, for you, as it is the collaboration of our experience and feedback from thousands of sufferers. This is how we recommend tackling the difficult task of beginning your detox and one of the most effective steppingstones for all to start with!

Time, consistency, and diet are huge, key factors to consider. We all seem to be affected by many types of pathogens, damage, and frequency defects. This allows you to work on many issues at once. Areas it may cover as a whole are mucus, parasites, toxins, microbiome, biofilm dissolution, bacteria, fungus, repairing collagen damage, blood cleansing, all the while supporting immunity. It may be best to do continual “rounds”, tapering down as you go, yet staying consistent. It may help to achieve homeostasis, which means to bring the body back into a balance that may allow it to battle other aspects, with less support.

There are many options for you to create a customized package. We have prefilled the option boxes with selections that we feel may benefit the most.

Package Options: 

1. DisEase Solutions® Ionic Core Cleanse: 

To read detailed information about our cleanse, Click Here. All 4 mixes have a powerful synergy and all is highly recommended! The intestinal sweep may push out any matter/debris, as the rotated parasitic herbs target newly exposed areas and present parasitic pathogens. In the meantime, the toxin binders were designed to go after many types of toxins. The day is finished off by taking probiotics with prebiotics to feed them. There are also pure enzymes in the mix to assist in many types of cleansing, from blood support to biofilm dissolution. You have a choice of powdered (recommended), liquid tinctures, or encapsulated options.

  • 2 Mix Cleanse (Intestinal & Parasitic Mixes Only)

Impurit~Ease™ (Toxin Binder Complex)

Pro/Pre~Ease™ (Probiotics, Prebiotics, & Enzymes)


  • 4 Mix Cleanse (All 4 Synergistic Mixes)

Intest~Ease (Intestinal Biofilm Sweep)

Parasite~Ease™ (Parasitic Purifier)

Impurit~Ease™ (Toxin Binder Complex)

Pro/Pre~Ease™ (Probiotics, Prebiotics, & Enzymes)

2. 2 Tincture Special:

Selection #1: There is no denying that the rarest of medicinal mushrooms have been very successful, no matter what the issue has been. Therefore, the first tincture option is a selection of medicinal mushrooms, including our signature blend of them all, MediMush

Selection #2: Options from some of the most effective individual herbs and signature blends that we have worked with and to offer. 

MediMush– A 4 oz collection of some of the most effective, and rare, medicinal mushrooms that we have worked with. They have given some of the best, stand-alone results that earned them a place as one of our top selections. This mushroom blend contains the sulfur shelf (chicken of the woods) and bondarzewia mushrooms. We may be the only, to one of the few, sources to find them!


Homeostase~Ease– A 4 oz. tincture of one of our top blends that supports the spleen, which in turn can support blood and the other organs, like the liver. 

3. Collagen Support:

A choice between 3 products that offer collagen support. They are made with an egg collagen that may be identical to what our body makes! Collagen may be important because it may patch up holes in linings and tissues, as well as give the pathogens something to feed on. This seems to be the case as to why they have been working so well because disease pathogens may be feeding on our collagen structures. We have OralToler~Ease liquid collagen, HiveZymes liquid collagen with bee byproduct additives, and 1 lb. of our Egg Solutions slowly dehydrated whole egg powder. 

  • OralToler~Ease – 4 oz. of cold-processed, liquid collagen that contains undenatured fibrils with their 3D structures still intact. The adaptogens may pull the collagen to where it is needed the most. The solution is bioavailable and ready for uptake, thanks to the enzymes within that break down and dismantle the compounds for your body to put back together.


  • HiveZymes – 4 oz. This has been very successful when it comes to results with fighting Rope Worms. It contains a base of our above, traditional collagen complex with the addition of bee byproducts, such as venom, propolis, and pollen. 


  • Egg Solutions – 1 lb. of slowly dehydrated egg powder. We call it full spectrum because it contains each and every part of the egg. It consists of the whites, yolks, shell, and even membrane powder. It is a perfect addition to your smoothies!

4. Enzymes: 

  • CrysaLynn protein-based, proteolytic enzymes. Our enzymes are of the purest and strongest quality that can be found, anywhere! We use NO fillers! We feel that enzymes are of the utmost importance, as they were something that I took in my own journey back to health and seemed to have cleansed my blood in a way that nothing else could come close to. The enzymes may help to dismantle and dissolve protein matter. Some components that may be comprised of proteins is cellular matter, which can be dead, or damaged red blood cells and even the excessive white blood cell matter that can build up when immunity is compromised. Cholesterol is a substance that is also targeted by enzymes such as these.


  • Candida Solutions plant cell dismantling enzymes that are designed to chip away at plant matter, which can include fungus. Fungal cell walls have an outer core made up of cellulose and a core that contains proteins. Therefore, this mix contains components that are known to chip away at the wall of the cell and ultimately making its way into the core nucleus. Again, a pure mix of cellulase, hemicellulase, and protease enzymes with NO fillers!

5. Immunity Support:

One thing that we all may want to do is to support our immune system. As we are told in Dr. Buhner’s books is that it may take up to 8 months for the body to produce new immune cells. The older cells may be manipulated, due to pathogenic processes and that the newer cells may have capabilities that the older cells may have lost.

  • CherryBerry C 4 oz. Lipospheric vitamin C, made from many whole-food and wildcrafted ingredients. Superior immunity support. It contains Acerola Cherry, Pokeberry Juice, Camu Camu, Honeysuckle, and more!


  • NA Cynergy 4 oz. NA Cynergy, a synergistic blend of NAC and vitamin c. The ascorbic acid is said to enhance the effects of NAC. NAC is said to be one of the superior supportive products for mucus, of both upper and lower areas within the body. 


    • Black Seed Zinc 4 oz. Black Cumin Seed concentrated essential oil, along with zinc. Many sites will tell you about the synergy that takes place when you use black seed as a carrier for zinc to enter cells more effectively. It is also a popular supportive product during the times of the viral epidemic. 


    • Glutathione Solutions 4 oz. the “Master Detoxifier”, which is one of the most abundant, and essential, antioxidants that the body needs, and it uses it, in most detoxification processes. Our immune system uses it in the defense processes, as it is used by every single cell. It ensures that the body stays in optimal health and homeostasis.

6. Belly Button Solutions:

 We are proud to have pioneered navel soaking, in an array of “scents” that offer you multi-dimensional benefits! There may be a direct connection to the lymphatic system through the navel. There is more connectivity than ever thought!

7. Nasal Solutions:

Nasal sprays may bypass digestion to break over the blood/brain barrier, carrying compounds to systemic areas. They contain already extracted compounds of highly respected plants that we consider to be superior at delivering them on a systemic, silver platter! 

Additional information

Core Ionic Cleanse Options:

2 Mix Powdered Cleanse, 2 Mix Liquid Cleanse, 2 Mix Encapsulated Cleanse, 4 Mix Powdered Cleanse, 4 Mix Liquid Cleanse, 4 Mix Encapsulated Cleanse

Tincture #1 Options:

MediMush™ (Medicinal Mushroom Blend), Chaga Mushroom, Cordyceps Mushroom, Lion's Mane Mushroom, Reishi Mushroom, Sulfur Shelf (Chicken of the Woods)

Tincture #2 Options:

Acerola Cherry, Andrographis, Biofilm Grenade™, Bloodroot, BritN~Ease™, Cinchona, Cistus Incanus, Coptis Root, Desert Willow & Chaparro amargosa, Constipation Solutions™, CryptoClaw™ (Cryptolepis sanguinolenta & Rhynchophylla Cat's Claw), Cytokine Storm™, DandiPine™, DesmoAnise™ (Desmodium & Anise), Encystment Solutions™, Endocrine~Ease™, Fluke~Ease™, Fungal~Ease™, Garlic Tears™, Homeostase~Ease™, Licorice Root, Liver~Ease™, Lomatium Root, Lyme Solutions™, Lymph~Ease™, Nodule~Ease™, Parasite~Ease™, Pathogen Purge™, Plasma~Ease™, Replication Termination™, Rope Solutions™, Seaweed Solutions™, Sensitivity~Ease™, Shikimic Solutions™, Tape Solutions™, Torilis Japonica (Upright Hedge Parsley), Usnea Lichen, Viral~Ease™, Yellow Dock

Collagen Options:

4 oz. OralToler~Ease™ Liquid Collagen, 4 oz HiveZymes™, 1 lb. Egg Solutions™ Powder

Enzyme Options:

1 oz. CrysaLynn™ Protein-Based Powder, 1 oz. Candida Solutions™ Plant-Cell Dismantling Powder

Immunity Support Options:

4 oz. Cherry/Berry C™, 4 oz. NA Cynergy™ (NAC + Vitamin C), 4 oz. Black Seed Zinc™, 4 oz. Glutathione Solutions™

Belly Button Solutions™

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Nasal Spray Options:

Bacterial Solutions™, Biofilm Solutions™, Frank "N" Myrrh™, Fungal~Ease™, Lyme Solutions™, Menthol~Ease™, Mite~Ease™, Parasite~Ease™, Plasma~Ease™, Probiotics & Collagen, Respiratory~Ease™, Rope Solutions™, Viral~Ease™


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