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Andrographis Discussion: 

This plant stands out in the crowd and we are proud to offer liquid products that are made with freshly-picked and powdered Andrographis plant material. It may be one of the most significant herbs to support Lyme disease.

It does not harm the gut biome, which includes the billions of species of flora. In fact, it reduces harmful pathogens, including parasites, candida, molds, which includes any resistant types. It has been such a broad-spectrum antimicrobial, antibacterial, and antiviral herb that is now highly and widely used by many practitioners. It has long been recognized in Ayurvedic and Chinese Medicine. Any herb that significantly lowers pathogens, may be considered beneficial for immunity.

When you have an epidemic, such as Lyme Disease or CoVid, they could be treated with some of the same, superior herbs and still get positive results. Different issues still may share the same targets as the digestive tract, respiratory tract, and neurological connections. Even though they are different pathogens with different processes, simply put, they are both related to pathogenic progression.

It may take a while to see results when you support immunity. We are told that it may take up to eight months to stimulate new cell growth, which may key in recognizing pathogenic proteins that help to keep them hidden from the more mature cells. Andrographis may be a good choice for support with immunity for many reasons, including its protective properties. Popular naturopaths tell us that we may want to try nebulizing with Andrographis and even other herbs, like bee propolis. This has inspired us to create our BioSteam steam inhalant concentrate.

Using this herb as long term support, even if in a blend, maybe a good idea during this pandemic. It is excellent for and as a lung tonic, immunity protection and enhancement, cardioprotective effects, NK (Natural Killer) production, cytokine reduction, antiparasitic, antiviral, antifungal, and for many other types of support as well. 

We use it in many formulas, including our Parasite~Ease, Pathogen Purge, Biofilm Grenade, and even our skin formula, Creepy/Crawl~Ease lotion. As a matter of fact, these are some of our most popular, and effective products to date.

Andrographis May Help With…

  • Lyme Disease Tonic
  • Neurological Support
  • Joint Support
  • Anti Inflammatory Support
  • Anti-parasitic for Pathogens Crossing the Blood/Brain Barrier
  • Intestinal, Liver, Lungs, and Spleen Support
  • Biofilm Disruption
  • Immune-stimulating and Gut- Healing
  • Lung Tonic for Acute and Chronic Conditions
  • AntiFungal Support
  • Broad-Spectrum Antimicrobial Support
  • Liver-Protective Support
  • Neuro-Protective Support
  • Cardioprotective, Blood Clot Prevention Support

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