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Planting/Growing Bidens Discussion:

This is an herb suggested by Dr. Stephen Buhner, as it is mentioned in many of his books. It is a highly sought out medicinal plant.

Although, once you begin to pay attention to the plants that grow in the wild around you, you may realize that other, very close and interchangeable species, have always been near. It normally can be found growing in wastelands or poorly maintained pastures. It is also called “Beggarsticks”, “Black Jack”, “Burr Marigold”, “Cobbler’s Pegs”, “Spanish Needles”, “Stickseeds”, “Tickseed”, and “Tickseed Sunflower”. It is an annual but if kept indoors, it may be a short-lived perennial that produces lots of seed. It takes 100 days to mature.

Bidens pilosa is an annual in colder regions and a perennial in warmer climates. It can grow up to 3 & 1/2 ft. It flowers from May to October. It is hermaphrodite, having both male and female organs. 

It will self-seed if it is allowed to remain outside once it seeds. Bidens is very easy to grow and it can be started indoors or planted after frost has passed. It has been known to regenerate if affected by frost but no one wants to take that chance.

The germination period is 3 weeks. Sow the seeds by pressing them into the top of the soil, keep them warm and moist until germination. If propagating it, roots should appear in 3-6 weeks. Once Bidens begins to grow, it is little to no maintenance. As a matter of fact, it normally grows in wastelands and on the edges of sandy dirt roads.

They will grow in full sun to partial shade. As long as they get 4 hours of direct sun daily they should be just fine. They should be planted  2-3 ft. apart. It may be best to plant Bidens in pots, as otherwise you may find it growing wild all over your yard!

The plant matures 4-6 weeks after its emergence. It can actually tolerate being cut back up to 6 times per season. In two weeks time, it will grow enough plant material that it can be harvested. The whole plant is edible. The plant blooms from May to October. The more you may want to water it, ensuring blossom promotion.

They make a great balcony or basket plant because the plant will droop downwards, although erect otherwise. No matter what, please use caution when planting Bidens. Its aggressive growth has it listed as an environmental weed in approximately 40 countries, and as a nuisance to 31 major crops. It forms such dense stands that it has been known to reduce crop yields by almost half. It grows almost three times faster than most other plants and when it smothers a species out, it prevents their regeneration.

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