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One of the reasons that an infection may be severe is because it may create a “perfect storm”, called a cytokine storm. This is basically an inflammatory response by our own innate immune system, which may be initiated by manipulation to get our body to do all of the work for it in the breaking down of our tissues for its own sustenance. Pathogens are intelligent and may cause this storm to allow themselves room to move around and to keep immunity at bay for as long as they can. Dr. Buhner tells us that a cytokine storm may be responsible for the mucus that we cough up from the lungs during infection and this could actually be masses of white blood cells. If this is occurring during infection, it may indicate the lungs are having a hard time moving mucus up and out. Many pathogens may initially infect the lungs and may be spread by other body fluids.

The cytokine cascade is what inspired our OralToler~Ease collagen complex. With discovering the process of oral tolerance, we felt it was a must. Oral tolerance is a process of attempting to teach the body’s immune system to stop attacking a protein by ingesting an identical protein. The combination of these two together cannot be beaten. It is actually why we suggest raw egg smoothies. 

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