Heating Pad


1 ft. x 2 ft. Warming Pad

Accessory For: Liver/Organ Packs, Aches & Pains, & Belly Button Soaks!

An Amazing Way To Enhance Oil Absorption!



Many aren’t aware of the effects that heat may have on the absorption rate of oils. Oil, like castor, is used for liver, or other organ packs. Normally a cloth with hot water is applied over a cloth with oil, to enhance its absorption. One can only imagine the effects of using a warming pad instead. Especially when it comes to our popular navel soaks! Responsibly warming the oils and the skin may allow the oils to sink into the skin even deeper. Doing these can only be more effective, and comfier, with a warm heating pad!

They can be used with any pre-diluted essential oil, anywhere on the body!

Remember, it is an electric device, so please use it responsibly!


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