UV Flashlight


Ultraviolet Miniature Flashlight

Includes Required 3 AAA Batteries



Some pathogens and matter are only visible with ultraviolet light. It would be very handy to keep a pocket-sized tool like this, for when you feel the urge to do a little investigating. Ultraviolet light allows you to see things that are normally beyond the spectrum of sight. Some things that may glow in the light that may be harmful are, fungal infections, like ringworm, some insects, bugs, and spiders, sun damage, urine, semen, saliva, sweat, and some say strange colors are omitted from many types of debris they find. Some practitioners, including veterinarians, may scope your body with one, to detect issues of the skin & scalp. Specific types of bacteria, lice, eggs, and bedbugs may be found by scoping surfaces, and beneath them!

Use this as a learning tool to experiment with, allowing you to learn about the invisible world that lies before our very eyes!

It comes with the 3 AAA batteries that are required for its use! The light reaches just over 150 feet. It comes in the color black & is waterproof.

Do your own research on the different ways and possible pathogens, or matter, that can be seen with this type of light to truly know its capabilities!

This process is not for the faint~of~heart. By seeing microscopic & unfamiliar sights on your skin, on personal spaces, and around where you reside, may become consuming and quite frightening. This is not a trusted, professional diagnostic tool! Anything you find should be verified by seeing your doctor for proper testing as there are many possibilities to what things may be. The presence of fluorescence can indicate that a surface is not clean but a insufficiency of fluorescence does NOT indicate hygienic areas! Do not expose this light for long periods of time on skin! It may hurt if it is pointed directly into the eyes.


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Weight3 oz
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