Full-Spectrum Wild & Bulgarian Rose 1:1 45% Alcohol Tinctures / Sonified (Liposome Process) Tinctures / Glycerites / Size #000 Capsules / Tea / Soap / Skin Salve 



Full-Spectrum, Widcrafted Wild Rose (Rosa canus) & Bulgarian Rose (Rosa × damascena)

These are the full-spectrum rose selections that are made with the whole plant, ground to order, including the wild rose root. This is a full-spectrum blend that may have superior synergistic capabilities, as multiple parts of the plant may work together, as one.

There are many rose selections and you may get overwhelmed. Here is a brief description of the different rose products that I offer. You can click on the product to be taken to it, elsewhere on this site. 

  • Rose – a full-spectrum version. It contains Bulgarian Rose leaf and stem and also wildcrafted Wild Rose leaf, stem, rose, and root.
  • Rose Hip / Blossom – the intact rose blossom only. It consists of Bulgarian and Wild Rose.
  • Rose Hydrosol – a pure water that is from steam distillation of intact, whole rose blossoms. Distillation is a method used to extract essential oils. The result of steaming plant material is the creation of essential oil and a pure essence water, both containing the plant compounds. My hydrosols contain trace amounts of the pure essential oil.
  • Rose Otto Essential Oil – an intense, pure essential oil of the Bulgarian Rose blossom. They say it takes 10,000 roses to make a 5 ml. bottle of essential oil. It is precious, costly, and rare. A single drop will give an intense scent of rose!
  • Rose Otto 3% Pre-Diluted Essential Oilpre-diluted essential oil that is ready for use. Purchasing pre-diluted is cost effective and more affordable, as the pure rose otto is costly. It still maintains the powerful scent of rose.
  • Egyptian Rose Geranium Essential Oil –  essential oil distilled from the leaf of the geranium. The most common geranium is distilled from the flower, giving it a unique, well-known scent. This is from the leaf only, which has the scent of rose! 

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