Aromatherapy Aroma Feather Key



In aromatherapy, notes are used, which are a breakdown of the different tones that make up a scent. Anything that has a smell, is a collection of tones, whether it is herbaceous, woody, citrusy, and there are many of them. Our mind can imagine what a smell is like by the memory of the tones. 

Each product has a “data sheet” in the form of a photo, which has detailed information specific to that oil. The sheets will tell you the botanical name, origin, parts used, extraction method, and my favorite feature, feathers in an array of colors, each representing an aroma tone. Each essential oil category will hold the main key, showing the meaning of each different feather. Notes are used in aromatherapy to provoke imagination as to what the scent of that oil actually smells like, before buying!

When our brain thinks of a certain smell, our consciousness merges with it, sparking memories associated with it. As you see the combination of feathers for each essential oil, your mind will build an inner picture of the essence, and with many of them at once, you will make up our own imaginary version of the aroma.

Your conscious will make a connection to the spirit of the essence. Each different tone will create a different internal image through your sensory system experience.

Due to an extensive stock of essential oils, please bear with us as we add this feature to the website, over time.



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