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100% Pure, Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oil

Topical Support for Decalcifying, Regenerating, Stimulating, and Awakening the Pineal Gland!



Pineal Solutions Essential Oil Discussion:

The pineal gland is described by many to be a third eye in the very center of our brain, which is also made of the same rod and cone substances of our eyeballs. It is suspected to be the center of many functions of the body, including regulation of light, which is how animals are aware of when it is time to hibernate or to nest, or reproduce. The many toxins we take in today may be calcifying our pineal gland. There is debate over this being the spiritual gland in the body, said to be a doorway into other dimensions, worlds, and to other beings. It may be the center of our consciousness or spirituality.

The universe and the world we live in may consist of multiple layers, or dimensions, divided only by a thin veil that separates this plane that we reside in, from others, like the spiritual world. Many who meditate say that they have the ability to be in touch with multiple dimensions. They say that we must cleanse our bodies, truly believe, and do good deeds to achieve this higher level of living, affected by karma.

Supporting the decalcification, regeneration, normalization and stimulation processes of the pineal gland may support spiritual experiences and events. I have had my own experiences that validate, to me, that we may not be alone and that this world is not what we have been programmed to think it is. This oil blend may assist with rejuvenating this gland to support the heightening of intuition, contemplation of your purpose in life, experiencing miracles and coincidences of a higher faith and awareness, tuning in to a higher purpose, energizing your aura, clearing of core areas, and guide you to a closeness to get to know spirit guides, and most importantly, our creator.

Use this oil on core points like the temples, forehead, belly button soaking, and apply it to chakra points of the body to open the senses to connect and attempt to communicate with your “higher self”.

This signature blend is a collaboration of alpine plants, for which reasons they support it are not known. Others have been used in a religious or ceremonial way, since the beginning of time. Some were gifts given to Baby Jesus, used in ceremonial passings to ensure supplies for the next life, burned as incense in temples, anointing traditions, and even as currency. It contains many of the rarest, most expensive oils on the market, like “true” sandalwood and two different lotus flowers, white and blue! It is a superior blend!

I strongly believe that ancient knowledge may be returning and that it may have help from forces that we cannot see or even understand because of the toxicity we have accumulated that seems to inhibit the full potential of this very special gland. The adaptogenic oils synergize with one another with intentions to potentiate the entire solution!

An “Essential Oil” is the soul, or essence, of a plant. 

I have worked very closely with essential oils for years now, offering more than ample time and personal experience to get to know the oils, their scents, properties, dangers, blending preferences, synergistic qualities, and their similarities! I have selected from all over the world to offer you an amazing list of signature blends and exclusive essential oils for you to choose from! Don’t be fooled by the large MLM companies that claim their oils are unique to them. This is a difficult process that takes tons of fresh plant material to accomplish and there is NO single company, in the entire world, with capabilities to make every, or many, essential oils. 

Essential oils may heighten our emotional, mental, and physical states by supporting the body’s natural processes. Each molecule delivers healing properties by either inhalation and/or topical penetration. The second you inhale the molecule, it comes into contact with the olfactory system, which uses tiny nerves and sensors that pass signals on to the brain. The brain then becomes a messenger, delivering them to where they are needed the most, especially with the use of adaptogens, in which every blend contains at least one. Neurotransmitters are released to begin whatever process the oil compounds support. 

Essential oil quality is always in question, as many companies can make any claims they want, without consequence. I can assure you quality, purity, and reputability, but at an economical price! You truly do not need to spend a fortune on essential oils to receive benefits. Most oils must be mixed with a carrier before being used on the skin, as they are pure, accomplished, and powerful!

The bottles I provide avoids many issues. I feel a glass dropper bottle is the best way to store and use essential oils. This also avoids touching or spilling them. No one wants to sacrifice and waste quality essential oils! Each oil has its own identity and signature details of a colored, decorative stripe on the dropper and detailed labels. The collectors know, nothing’s worse than having to lift every bottle in your collection, having to turn each bottle to read the label in order to see what it is! You will see the beautiful colored themes representing whatever it is you intend to grab.

I have steam distilled oils, which is the traditional way to extract the compounds from plant material. I offer cold-pressed oils, like citrus peels because that may be the best way to extract oil from rinds without damage to its constituents. I also offer a few absolutes, which are essential oils extracted by solvents, also said to mostly evaporate during the production process. Absolutes are normally the delicate and most beloved blossoms, like the lotus flower.

I am proud to be a pioneer in the use of essential oils as belly button soaks! These are new and uncharted waters that have only begun to have the connections researched. The navel is connected directly and indirectly to many important parts and processes of the body! You can learn more about navel soaking by going over to my Belly Button Solutions

There are at least two other places on the body, where I suspect that by applying substances there, we may obtain deeper access to multiple areas. There is a dent, between our back shoulder blades, where every nerve of the body may crisscross. We also have a vein on the back of our necks that may act as a portal to deeper areas within. There is little to no information available that can be found on the accessible possibilities of these two areas, although, I like to rely on common sense these days, rather than trusting everything I read from outside sources. I would suggest utilizing them and any other place that you can think of. There are suggestions below. 

Essential oils provide a natural, toxin-free way of replacing chemical household and cosmetic products. Be your own alchemist and mix them together, with carriers, to create your own D.I.Y. concoctions at home. Otherwise, simply choose a signature blend. The uses and benefits are limitless!

Get to know essential oils yourself. Come to understand what is referred to as a “carrier oil”. The name indicates just that, it binds and carries the essential oil into the skin. Otherwise, it may burn with direct application. Oils that you may use as a carrier are, but not limited to: coconut, olive, avocado, sunflower, and grape seed.

I offer many carrier oils in the Carrier Oil Solutions section of this website. Understand the possible toxicity capabilities that some oils employ beforehand. Not all oils are used in aromatherapy and some contain phototropic compounds that may cause the skin to burn more easily if exposed to excessive sunlight. You could learn life-changing information!

Some ideas for D.I.Y. uses, with dilution, would be: belly button soaks, the nerve on the back of the neck, between the shoulder blades, bottoms of the feet, wrists, beneath the breasts, body wash additive, breath fresheners, carpet powder additive, perfume, room/linen spray, cosmetic additive, diffusing, flavoring in food, foot/hand & detox baths/soaks, home cleaning water additive, insect bite & possible preventative, jetted tubs, as a preservative, laundry freshener/sanitizer, additive for lotion, shampoo, conditioner, cosmetics, shower gel, candles, soap, for washing produce, room and vehicle fresheners, vacuum and trash can fresheners, aromatherapy and steam inhalation, and many others!

Colloidal Essential Oil:

I offer colloidal versions of each oil. This means I insert energy into the essential oil with the colloidal process that utilizes the ultrasonic encapsulation method to create an outstanding collaboration! The process is also known as liposomal and few to no companies offer them. It is essential oil and herbal molecules encapsulated in a tiny bubble that may be small enough to be delivered as a microscopic substance. What it may offer is maximum absorption, due to the nanosize of the molecules it may create. They may pass through the skin layer much more efficiently, are stable, and have a longer shelf life! Each order is processed to order, ensuring all of the ultrasonic energy goes into that single product. Each 2 oz. colloidal oil contains almost ½ oz of that oil and I combine it with some of the most skin healing properties I could find, including our bio-available collagen complex!

You see, essential oils are not water-soluble, as oil and water do not mix. After the colloidal process, you can witness a single drop of your collided oil spread evenly throughout a gallon of water. Without colloidal encapsulation, the oil molecule would simply float on the top. This may offer an enhanced experience and may be great for belly button soaks, and skin uses because of its enhanced skin absorption!

I do not speak on the oral benefits of essential oils, as I believe that is best left up to the practitioners! Do not use it while pregnant. Keep out of reach of the babes, including animals.

Welcome to the world of essential oils!……

Start your own essential oil collection, with…….

Dis~Ease  Solutions®!

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Pineal Solutions™ Signature Blend Essential Oil Ingredients:

Proprietary Blend of: Spruce “Blue” Needle / Picea mariana / Canada, Pine Needle/Twig / Pinus sylvestris / Bulgaria, Birch “Yellow” Bark / Betula alleghaniensis / Russia, Cypress “Italian” Cones/Twigs / Cupressus sempervirens / Spain, Frankincense Resins / Boswellia Carterii Somalia / Serrata India / Frereana East Africa, Myrrh Resin / Commiphora myrrha / Ethiopia, Neroli Flower / Citus aurantium / Morocco, Calamus Root / Acorus calamus / Nepal, Spikenard Root / Nardostachys jatamansi / Nepal, Black pepper Berries / Piper nigrum / Indonesia, Cinnamon Bark / Cinnamomum zeylanicum / Madagascar, Angelica Seed / Angelica archangelica L. / Providence of France, Sandalwood Heartwood / Santalum album / India, Lotus “Blue” Flower / Nymphaea caerulea / India, Lotus “White” Flower / Nelumbo nucifera / India.

Pineal Solutions™ Colloidal Essential Oil Ingredients:

Proprietary Blend of: Distilled water, Pineal Solutions essential oil, Alcohol, Extracts of: (Roses (intact), Saucer cup magnolia blossoms, Magnolia grandiflora blossoms, Green tomato (aerial vine + unripe fruit), Acerola cherry freeze-dried 25% extract), Sunflower lecithin, Vitamin E (Tocopherol), Foxglove digitalis, Silver colloids.


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