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There are many mite sufferers that are referred to by many names, like Demodex, Coembella, Springtails, scabies, and there are others. I developed this blend for these types of infestations specifically, yet it has been very successful with many types of infestations thus far, according to feedback!  This blend may repel and prevent many types of insects. We suggest using it for every type, in every way that you can think of, including laundry, cleaning water, carpet shampoo, and even diluted to use directly on the skin! It makes an amazing additive to cleaning and laundry solutions!

Mites can reside in microscopic places, including the skin, eyelashes, and they can also infest your environment. There is a misconception that mites can live inside the body, although there is no evidence to support that. Certain species live on the skin’s surface, while others burrow deep into the dermis layer. Many people have an allergy to mite droppings, which may cause internal processes to take place.

Many also believe that mites may be attracted to fungus. Many that suffer from mites, many times also suspect an internal fungal issue, whether it be before or after their infestation. The belief could be due to mites lowering immunity, allowing the fungus to thrive, True or not, it is worth looking into for your health!

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