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“Empowered” is a term used by experienced healers that simply means that it has been infused with energetic, healing intentions to trigger your desired effect. A blend of superior plant compounds may already have healing properties, then added within are intentions to “hold, strengthen, and deliver” that power. These energetic intentions act as a “guide” for the compounded plant energy. The empowerment simply helps to lessen the loss of energy and to “plug” any leaks. The healing energy may slow existing and future chaos, imbalance, and turmoil to convert to a more confined and balanced flow of an invisible energetic channel around the body. Added intentions simply open communication within the energy field itself. 

We offer multi-dimensional support for this process, as it is a complicated process that involves multiple aspects! We offer this Divine Dimensions, our Pineal Solutions, or you can purchase both together at a discounted price with our Awakening Solutions Discount Package! Click on the names in blue to be redirected to them!

  Divine Dimensions Signature Blend Discussion:

A blend to support the many dimensions of the body!

Divine Dimensions works on this and your overall “aura” and personal energetic communication. For example, many are aware of proper cellular communication needed for our cells to communicate and this oil is intended to work in the same way, yet on an energetic level. It may open communication so that future energy can receive the needed communication clarity from the other areas of the body so that it does not get lost.

Energetic layers can be lost, damaged, or even completely missing. We may have an energetic “cord” created and attached to acquaintances that can be thought of as an invisible family bond. Times may come where we seek distance or re-acquaintance with friends and family. Due to your bond, as your relationship is idle, that that invisible cord may still be attached to them. Through this dimensional attachment, we may experience a disruption in your life, affecting your karma, their karma affecting you, as we may want to start over with a clean slate on a daily basis. We may want to occasionally balance this negative, dimensional energy that can be attracted to, or constantly taken from us, to start each day with a clean slate.

Energetic healers believe that disease may actually be a loss of energy and creation power within the spinal cord. This blend may support the preservation and strengthening of this spinal cord energy. It is intended to bring outer and inner human nature energy fields back into balance and to increase the clarity of your own personal energetic field. When the energetic field that runs through and around you has a clear path, your body, thoughts, and emotional well-being may also balance as well. It helps to clear that fog that may surround and suffocate your senses.

Energetic healers believe that our energetic field is a basic part of our body just as a hand, foot, and hair. Most are unaware that they even have a personal energy field and still today, most still aren’t aware that we have a pineal gland! Your emotions connect in your energetic field and when you are living within a distorted field, it may seem like nothing else falls into place. By bringing balance, karma may then be in your favor. Our life energy powers our energetic field as we create, and break, bonds with others, ridding of guilt, regret, and many other emotional unbalances. There is universal energy that is all energy as a whole and when you don’t put your own signature stamp on the field around you, you may absorb manipulated, unbalanced energy from those around you, including every person that you have ever come into contact with. So many run around in circles in life because they dim their own light because they either don’t understand this process or feel they will be judged by others.

It is time for us to pick up, arrange, and to use our own tools, rather than allow others to affect or take them from us. We have allowed others to gain too much power and now that we are awakening, we are now seeing the true meaning of this and where it has led humankind to today.  Take control of your own “light”, allow it to shine, as this is your own personal energy field!

Divine Dimensions supports the repair of your personal energetic plane. It has a synergistic relationship with the Pineal Solutions because this blend is intended to heal your energy field so that your newly revamped and opened pineal gland can then allow you more access to your true self, true power, which is simply the “Power of You”. Divine Dimensions is intended to give your energy a push, to then be processed by your body and pineal gland. You may feel more spiritual, more connected to yourself, your energy may be enhanced, anxiety may be lessened, and feeling the healing of your whole self, rather than just working on the body. 

Maintain your power, your life energy, and you find yourself. Use this blend in a diffuser to circulate the magical compounds around you, your living spaces, to enhance the air you breathe and where you reside. It seems energies may be fluctuating all over the place and this oil may balance, ground, expand, detoxify, and move the energy flow around you in the right direction!

It is like bringing into balance your awareness, mind, body, soul, and energetic field. Balancing your surrounding energy may help you to feel better, heal your entire system, and give you full access to it!

Use this oil on core points like the temples, forehead, the space between your back shoulder blades, the back of the neck, the navel as a belly button soak, and apply it to the main, core chakra points of the body.

An “Essential Oil” is the soul, or essence, of a plant. 

I have worked very closely with essential oils for years now, offering more than ample time and personal experience to get to know the oils, their scents, properties, dangers, blending preferences, synergistic qualities, and their similarities! I have selected from all over the world to offer you an amazing list of signature blends and exclusive essential oils for you to choose from! Don’t be fooled by the large MLM companies that claim their oils are unique to them. This is a difficult process that takes tons of fresh plant material to accomplish and there is NO single company, in the entire world, with capabilities to make every, or many, essential oils. 

Essential oils may heighten our emotional, mental, and physical states by supporting the body’s natural processes. Each molecule delivers healing properties by either inhalation and/or topical penetration. The second you inhale the molecule, it comes into contact with the olfactory system, which uses tiny nerves and sensors that pass signals on to the brain. The brain then becomes a messenger, delivering them to where they are needed the most, especially with the use of adaptogens, in which every blend contains at least one. Neurotransmitters are released to begin whatever process the oil compounds support. 

Essential oil quality is always in question, as many companies can make any claims they want, without consequence. I can assure you quality, purity, and reputability, but at an economical price! You truly do not need to spend a fortune on essential oils to receive benefits. Most oils must be mixed with a carrier before being used on the skin, as they are pure, accomplished, and powerful!

The bottles I provide avoids many issues. I feel a glass dropper bottle is the best way to store and use essential oils. This also avoids touching or spilling them. No one wants to sacrifice and waste quality essential oils! Each oil has its own identity and signature details of a colored, decorative stripe on the dropper and detailed labels. The collectors know, nothing’s worse than having to lift every bottle in your collection, having to turn each bottle to read the label in order to see what it is! You will see the beautiful colored themes representing whatever it is you intend to grab.

I have steam distilled oils, which is the traditional way to extract the compounds from plant material. I offer cold-pressed oils, like citrus peels because that may be the best way to extract oil from rinds without damage to its constituents. I also offer a few absolutes, which are essential oils extracted by solvents, also said to mostly evaporate during the production process. Absolutes are normally the delicate and most beloved blossoms, like the lotus flower.

I am proud to be a pioneer in the use of essential oils as belly button soaks! These are new and uncharted waters that have only begun to have the connections researched. The navel is connected directly and indirectly to many important parts and processes of the body! You can learn more about navel soaking by going over to myBelly Button Solutions

There are at least two other places on the body, where I suspect that by applying substances there, we may obtain deeper access to multiple areas. There is a dent, between our back shoulder blades, where every nerve of the body may crisscross. We also have a vein on the back of our necks that may act as a portal to deeper areas within. There is little to no information available that can be found on the accessible possibilities of these two areas, although, I like to rely on common sense these days, rather than trusting everything I read from outside sources. I would suggest utilizing them and any other place that you can think of. There are suggestions below. 

Essential oils provide a natural, toxin-free way of replacing chemical household and cosmetic products. Be your own alchemist and mix them together, with carriers, to create your own D.I.Y. concoctions at home. Otherwise, simply choose a signature blend. The uses and benefits are limitless!

Get to know essential oils yourself. Come to understand what is referred to as a “carrier oil”. The name indicates just that, it binds and carries the essential oil into the skin. Otherwise, it may burn with direct application. Oils that you may use as a carrier are, but not limited to: coconut, olive, avocado, sunflower, and grape seed.

I offer many carrier oils in the “Carrier Oil Solutions” section of this website. Understand the possible toxicity capabilities that some oils employ beforehand. Not all oils are used in aromatherapy and some contain phototropic compounds that may cause the skin to burn more easily if exposed to excessive sunlight. You could learn life-changing information!

Some ideas for D.I.Y. uses, with dilution, would be: belly button soaks, the nerve on the back of the neck, between the shoulder blades, bottoms of the feet, wrists, beneath the breasts, body wash additive, breath fresheners, carpet powder additive, perfume, room/linen spray, cosmetic additive, diffusing, flavoring in food, foot/hand & detox baths/soaks, home cleaning water additive, insect bite & possible preventative, jetted tubs, as a preservative, laundry freshener/sanitizer, additive for lotion, shampoo, conditioner, cosmetics, shower gel, candles, soap, for washing produce, room and vehicle fresheners, vacuum and trash can fresheners, aromatherapy and steam inhalation, and many others!

We do not speak on the oral benefits of essential oils, as I believe that is best left up to the practitioners! Do not use it while pregnant. Keep out of reach of the babes, including animals.

Welcome to the world of essential oils!……

Start your own essential oil collection, with…….

Dis~Ease  Solutions®!

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