Essential Tears™


Signature Herbal Blend

Tinctures / Glycerites / Capsules / Colloidal Elixirs / Teas

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Weight 6.1 oz
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 7 in
Herbal Product Variations:

1 oz. Tincture, 2 oz. Tincture, 4 oz. Tincture, 8 oz. Tincture, 16 oz. Tincture, 4 oz. Lipospheric Tincture "Oxygenated", 8 oz. Lipospheric Tincture "Oxygenated", 16 oz. Lipospheric Tincture "Oxygenated", 2 oz. Glycerite (Non-Alcohol), 4 oz. Glycerite (Non-Alcohol), 8 oz. Glycerite (Non-Alcohol), 16 oz. Glycerite (Non-Alcohol), 1 oz. Bagged Herbal Tea (30+ Cups), 3 oz. Bagged Herbal Tea (75+ Cups), 6 oz. Bagged Herbal Tea (150+ Cups), 60 Vegetarian Capsules, 120 Vegetarian Capsules, 240 Vegetarian Capsules, 4 oz. Loose Herbal Powder, 8 oz. Loose Herbal Powder, 1 lb. Loose Herbal Powder, 4 oz. Topical Ointment (Oil-Based), 8 oz. Detox Soap, 4 oz. Infused Oil, 8 oz. Infused Oil, 16 oz. Infused Oil

Essential Tears™ Signature Blend Ingredients:

Proprietary Blend of: WC Prunella vulgaris (full-spectrum), Astragalus root, WC Japanese knotweed root, Cordyceps mushroom, Chinese Baikal Skullcap root, Uva Ursi leaf, WC Rhynchophylla Cat’s Claw (aerial vine + hooks) WC Calendula petals, WC Luffa Vine (aerial parts + flower), Ashwagandha root, WC Forsythia (aerial parts), Phellodendron, WC Elderberries, WC Poke root, WC Queen Anne’s Lace (full-spectrum), Gymnema sylvestre leaf, WC Chaga mushroom, WC Lion’s Mane mushroom, WC Red Reishi mushroom, WC Celery root, WC Mimosa pudica (full spectrum + seed), WC Goldenrod (full-spectrum), WC Red clover (full-spectrum), WC Black walnut hull, WC Pine needle, Berberine.


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