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Support For: Inoculation Detox & Systemic Toxicity!


Inoculation Solutions Discussion: 

 Modern times cause many to fear the evident rise of chronic diseases. Mothers want the gentlest, yet effective products to lessen the worry that may come along with any type of inoculation toxicity potential. This includes the multiple shots that a child may receive in their lifetime. Even adults get inoculations, and we seem to already be toxic in today’s world, therefore need all the support that we can get. One of the last things you may want is a product that contains preservatives, as it may add to any existing loads, and this has none. We have designed a package for both, adults and children, at the appropriate doses.

The lymphatic system, organs, and other internal passageways may already be compromised, or stagnated, all of which, even on a small scale, may prevent the body from a proper detox. When my journey began, we became aware of mucus and its possible connections. Autism conventions advocated often, although the only suggested solutions mentioned consist of harsh agents that we just wouldn’t feel comfortable with ourselves, more or less giving to our precious children.

Homeopathy itself was discovered by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann in 1775.
He found that when taking Cinchona, an herb that is commonly used for Malaria, the effects the herb had on his body were similar to the symptoms of Malaria. He claimed to discover that when people and animals received a vaccination, they seemed to become ill. He inspired another Homeopathic practitioner who used the tree Thuja, also known as the “tree of life” to bring sufferers back to health. As a matter of fact, he wrote a book called “Vaccinosis and its Cure by Thuja“. I literally go out, hand pick thuja branches, clean and dry them, and then powder them down to incorporate them into this mix, ensuring the highest quality and potent
medicinally that one can get.

There is not a single product to completely detox anyone, as these are compounds that may affect us all the way down to the cellular level. This blend was formulated with herbs that are commonly used by practitioners, specifically for inoculation detox support. 

In my own experience, detoxing my child from toxicity seemed to be why she began to speak again, after a six-month time period of ceasing to speak. She slowly regained her ability to speak but seemed sickly on a daily basis, exhibiting dark circles under the eyes, as if she were always ill. With intestinal cleansing, she had released mucus and soon after, her complexion began to clear, her speech picked up, and I wasn’t worried about her being on the autistic spectrum anymore. Her body obviously could not detox anything properly, more or less being forced to add to that already existing load.

We recommend beginning the detox two weeks before and after any injection. You may want to continue, tapering down to a lesser pace, and dosage, over time. A six-month regimen is what we suggest ensuring a sufficient detox. Even if this means administering each remedy only once a week, long-term.

Along the way, it may be best to avoid foods high in inflammatory compounds, like processed and other snack foods. Eat healthily, drink clean and extra water, keeping the intake of chemicals and pesticide compounds at low intake. Clean air and exercise may help to maintain a strong circulatory system. Many wonders if they should continue breastfeeding during these times and we believe in attempting to for as long as possible. Breastmilk contains irreplaceable compounds, nourishment, and muti-dimensional support.

Product Variations:

We offer most every herb in multiple variations. such as a standard tincture, oxygenated tincture, glycerite, herbal tea, encapsulated, or as a loose powder. We highly recommend getting at least two variations of the preferred blend, to achieve saturation.

Standard Tincture Herbal compounds extracted in an organic alcohol base. Alcohol may offer the most superior absorption rate and bioavailability. We recommend allowing your dose to sit under the tongue for 3+ minutes, then swallowing it down with water or juice.  Microscopic compounds are readily available to be absorbed through tissues, into the bloodstream, then circulated to the organs.

Oxygenated Tincture – This is a standard tincture that has been oxygenated. This is a process of adding an oxygen molecule to the present herbal compound. We collide the herbal compound with an oxygen molecule, encasing them within a bubble, known as a liposome. The difference can be clearly seen by the change in color. The lipospheres’ may have the capability to surpass the bioavailability of a standard tincture, although exhibiting the existing benefits.

GlyceriteA non-alcoholic extraction of herbal compounds in a vegetable glycerin base. This variation is ideal for children and those sensitive. I don’t contain sugar, even though its taste resembles syrup. Doses are approximately 2 times more than a tincture to receive similar benefits. They can be taken in the same way, which is in 4 oz. of water or juice.

Vegetarian Capsules – Size 00, vegetarian capsules. We hand-encapsulated, to order. The capsule is taken with 4 oz. of water or juice. Capsules are a great secondary product to achieve saturation of the body, along with another variation.

Herbal TeaTeabags are handmade to order. Every bag can be brewed up to three times, making three cups of lovely tea each. Constituents will be continually extracted with each brew. Be sure to squeeze the bag gently upon finishing your cup of tea. Brewing instructions are included on individual labels, depending on the parts of the plant used. It may be best to drink it as is, without adding a sugar substitute. Be sure to also drink the medicinal residue that settles to the bottom of the cup!

Loose Herbal Powder – We take pride in the freshness and quality of our herbs. They are hand-ground, to order, as they are wildcrafted by us or responsibly purchased in whole form. We feel that ethically wildcrafted is superior, ensuring denser content of medicinal compounds, freshness, higher enzymatic activity, and antioxidant content. Wildcrafting also allows us to include multiple parts of the plant, even some that are only offered by us. We always indicate wildcrafted with the abbreviation “WC”. 

All variations are animal & child-safe, at the appropriate dosage but it is up to you to do your own research to know if the herbs themselves are safe for the babes. We have created a child’s herbal dosage guide, which can be seen by Clicking Here

Always use herbs wisely and with common sense, as they are to be respected. Most of our herbs and products have been tested by an energetic practitioner, using a bio resonance scanning system. Results revealed that our products to be up to 360% more powerful than others, including the brand names. Our customers choose us because we create products that emanate unique healing energy, intended for you.

Happy Cleansing! 

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Herbal Product Variations:

1 oz. Tincture, 2 oz. Tincture, 4 oz. Tincture, 8 oz. Tincture, 16 oz. Tincture, 4 oz. Lipospheric Tincture "Oxygenated", 8 oz. Lipospheric Tincture "Oxygenated", 16 oz. Lipospheric Tincture "Oxygenated", 2 oz. Glycerite (Non-Alcohol), 4 oz. Glycerite (Non-Alcohol), 8 oz. Glycerite (Non-Alcohol), 16 oz. Glycerite (Non-Alcohol), 1 oz. Bagged Herbal Tea (30+ Cups), 3 oz. Bagged Herbal Tea (75+ Cups), 6 oz. Bagged Herbal Tea (150+ Cups), 60 Vegetarian Capsules, 120 Vegetarian Capsules, 240 Vegetarian Capsules, 4 oz. Loose Herbal Powder, 8 oz. Loose Herbal Powder, 1 lb. Loose Herbal Powder, 4 oz. Topical Ointment (Oil-Based), 8 oz. Detox Soap, 4 oz. Infused Oil, 8 oz. Infused Oil, 16 oz. Infused Oil

Inoculation Solutions™ Signature Blend Ingredients:

Proprietary Blend of:  Alcohol, WC Thuja (leaf/bark), WC Red clover (full-spectrum + flower), Oregon grape root, WC Gutweed seaweed, WC Bladderwrack Seaweed, WC Wild Sweet Pea (aerial vine), WC Queen Anne’s Lace (full-spectrum), WC Wolfberry, Turmeric root, Phellodendron bark, WC Japanese knotweed (full-spectrum), Cod liver oil, MSM, Willow leaf, Peppermint (aerial parts + flower), Serrapeptase enzyme, Nattokinase enzyme, Zinc, CoQ10.


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