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An annoying, embarrassing, & hurtful component to many of our diseases is the irritation of the skin that may arise with allergic reactions, bug bites, blisters, rashes, poison plant contact, amongst many other irritants. The oils in this blend are used by others for soothing and alleviating irritated & inflamed skin. Not only may it pacify itching but the powerful compounds may also tackle the organisms that may be causing some of the symptoms. Many anti~itch products that exist are also made with chemical bases, making it mind~soothing to know there may be all~natural remedies for such instances. Amazingly essential oils have multiple benefits, which include itchy skin! This is a great blend for using as needed, as well as for soaking in a detox bath! its relaxing scent, of a hot bowl of vanilla, cinnamon oatmeal, can do nothing but good things for the mind, body, & soul!

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