Microscope 2,500 Mag. with Digital Camera


OMAX 40X – 2500X Lab Binocular Compound LED Microscope with Double Layer Mechanical Stage and Digital Camera

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You will be amazed at what you find in the microscopic world! Many people are curious to look for and possibly find what is causing issues by attempting to find the culprits themselves! Had it not been for my microscope on my own journey, I would never have seen the amazing sight of thousands of organisms flowing out of the environmental fiber-like material that I expelled after performing a belly button soak! It is truly something I will never forget!

Most cheap microscopes still cost lots of money and are made of a cheap material. Then you have to buy a camera separately, once you figure out what kind is compatible with the specific microscope you have. Most amateurs wouldn’t even know to think of the added requirements of owning a microscope.

With viewing microscopic matter, you want a higher powered magnification, and that also determines the price. In my opinion it is best to get at least 1000 magnification, althought this one is actually 2,500! Normally microscopes with this strength of magnification is much more costly. This is a fairly priced, complete microscope set that is ready and easy to use!

This comes highly recommended!


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