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Support For: Vitamin C, Respiratory Complaints, & Parasites

Wildcrafted Eastern White Pine (Pinus strobus) Needle & Heartwood Products

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Pine Discussion:

Honestly, there are so many benefits to this tree and its individual parts, that books have literally been written on this one plant alone! Stephen Buhner wrote an extensive book just on the benefits of pine pollen, although that is a separate product and even though we collect our needles in the pollen productive state, this product is about the needles alone. 

Pine needles contain a very important compound called Suramin, also found in pine, spruce, fir, and cedar. It is said to be “an effective solution for parasites and viruses of several kinds, along with a large number of other conditions”, according to this website that claims it to be a solution for the shedding of the modern viral epidemic: Click Here. This has been an herb that was used by the Indians and many others, as it has unlimited benefits for chronic issues, including parasitic ailments. 

As we all know, we are in a time of a great awakening and ironically, this is one of the most important plants for decalcification and the regeneration of the pineal gland! As with most alpine plants, using them as maintenance regularly, maintains a healthy endocrine system! Something many may not know is that the evergreen conifers are also of the highest of frequencies on the Earth and a natural way to support your elevation in consciousness. By intaking these high frequency plants, in turn, may also help to raise our own frequency.

This is something that is available in almost everyone’s backyard, otherwise, we can pick it for you. We harvest the popular “5 needle” pine, which is the Eastern White Pine., which is considered to be one of the rarer and medicinal species. This particular species is not considered toxic and as long as your body is responding well to it, you can have several cups a day without worry. See below for the toxic species of pine!

Pine has more vitamins and minerals than most commonly used fruits! As a matter of fact, there is more vitamin c in pine needles than in oranges! There are also antioxidants and minerals that make it superior to many other superfoods. Immunity will have everything you need to help fight the epidemics and their side effects that we all deal with today. Also the aromatic compounds within the pine are famously used in many household cleaners because they have an intense and strong aroma. These same aromatic compounds also support the respiratory system. You can take the aroma of your tea in by inhaling it to feel the instant effects of the compounds in the lungs. Many herbs have difficulty reaching places that are so deep, as the lungs are and this plant does it with ease!

Now for the cautions: There are many species of pine that are toxic and this is where the rumor of pine needle toxicity comes from. You must be sure to properly identify the pine species before you pick it! Don’t be an irresponsible wildcrafter and just pick any pine and if you buy it, only buy from trusted sources like ourselves that have the knowledge to do so!

Cautions: Pine Needles Are Aborficant, Do NOT Use During Pregnancy!

The following pines are toxic:

  • Australian Pine
  • Norfolk Pine
  • Ponderosa Pine (also called Western Yellow, Yellow, Blackjack, or Bull Pine)
  • Common Juniper
  • Common yew
  • Monterey Cypress
  • Lodgepole or Shore Pine

Product Variations:

Tinctures Herbal compounds extracted in an alcohol base. Tinctures offer the most superior absorption capabilities. We recommend to allow your dose to sit under the tongue for a minute or two, then swallowing it down with a drink of water. The microscopic, pre-extracted compounds are readily available to be absorbed through the tissue, into the bloodstream, then circulating to the organs.

Lipospheric Tinctures Standard tinctures that are put through an energetic process, which collides the herbal compounds, encasing them in oxygenated bubbles. This method is an oxygenation process, which changes the color of the solution. The lipospheres’ are commonly referred to as nano-particles, which surpasses the bioavailability of a standard tincture.

Capsules Size 00, vegetarian capsules, handmade, to order. We feel that the combination of a tincture, and capsules, of the same herb, or blend, may offer a saturation that cannot be surpassed otherwise. The duo is highly recommended for those that really want to see what an herb may do for them!

Herbal TeaEach teabag can be brewed up to three times, resulting in three cups of tea, each. Generally, this means that you may get 60-75 cups of tea per 6 oz. order but the weight of the pine needles is so light that it actually comes out to approximately 45 bags of tea, making almost 150 cups! Each label specifies the brewing instructions, which highly depends on the parts used in the tea.

GlyceritesHerbal compounds extracted in vegetable glycerin. This may be ideal for those most sensitive and for children.

Loose Herbal PowdersWe keep an inventory of herbs in their whole-form. They are powdered down, to order. This ensures abundant, and present, compounds as well as superior freshness. Many of our herbs are wildcrafted, which is the most medicinal form one can attain, in our opinion.

Fresh Plant Material“From Nature To Table™” We proudly wildcraft specific herbs to offer to you! When you order, we seek out our wildly-growing and available sources and harvest it for you. We offer fresh plant material in 4 oz., 8 oz., and 1 lb. variations. They will be shipped and to you within 2-3 days of harvesting. 

All variations are animal & child-safe, at the appropriate dosage. Wherever possible, we always choose unprocessed, ethically wildcrafted plant material. “Full-spectrum” means that the product contains every part of the plant, including the roots, and wherever we can, we even add the seed, flower, and/or fruit!

We have had our products energetically tested by a practitioner, using the Zygo scanning system. The results were that our products tested 360% more energetic than any others! Over the years customers have continued to energetically test our products with their own body and they have passed every test they have ever been put through.

Always use herbals wisely and with common sense!

Happy Cleansing!

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