Eastern Redbud Flower 1:1 45% Alcohol Tinctures / Sonified Tinctures / Tea / Soap / Skin Salve 

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Widcrafted Eastern Redbud Flowers (Cercis canadensis)

These are the Eastern redbud selections that are made with the flower only. We wildcraft the flowers in early spring, preserving them in whole form, to grind down to create tinctures, oil, soap, and salve with, to order.

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Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 6 in
Herbal Product Variations:

1 oz. Tincture, 2 oz. Tincture, 4 oz. Tincture, 8 oz. Tincture, 16 oz. Tincture, 4 oz. Lipospheric Tincture "Oxygenated", 8 oz. Lipospheric Tincture "Oxygenated", 16 oz. Lipospheric Tincture "Oxygenated", 2 oz. Glycerite (Non-Alcohol), 4 oz. Glycerite (Non-Alcohol), 8 oz. Glycerite (Non-Alcohol), 16 oz. Glycerite (Non-Alcohol), 4 oz. Topical Ointment (Oil-Based), 8 oz. Detox Soap, 4 oz. Infused Oil, 8 oz. Infused Oil, 16 oz. Infused Oil


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