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Signature Essential Oil

Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oil

Topical Support For Intestinal Biofilm Dissolution/Release/Processes!

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This essential oil offers topical support for processes involved in the Rope Worm, also known as intestinal mucus, mucoid plaque, and intestinal biofilm. We have always suggested the use of essential oils in the navel, as a diluted soak, topically rubbed on the abdomen, or any other way that you can safely think of. Many claim that it eventually may make it up to the neck area. In that case, applying this essential oil on the back of the neck may assist you in the fight. As far as the gut is concerned, navel soaking with this blend may be key.

The main bacterial components to the Rope Worm, according to the recent genome, may be Klebsiella and E. coli pathogens. Luckily, essential oils exist that may target similar matter. Again, we have added essential oils similar to those of the signature herbal blend, along with a few others that have been studied and shown promising as being active against pathogens such as these. This essential oil and the Rope Solutions herbal blend are designed and formulated, according to the genome results. Up until now, it is all that we have that is concrete.

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