Sample of the Month March

Free Sample, Medicinal Seed, & Feather With Each Purchase

Sample of the Month: Beaut~Ease Eye/Face Serum


March’s “Sample of the Month”

  1. Beaut~Ease Eye & Face Serum that also makes for one of the most potent healing salves you will ever try as well! There is no limit to the ways you can use this silky serum. It has collagen and 30+ wildcrafted blossoms of spring and summer! It truly is one of the best eye/face serums that you will ever use.
  2. Bud~Ease A free, assorted, surprise, medicinal seed! We encourage you to plant your own medicinals! Many of our seeds are wildcrafted!
  3. Feather We have always been known to place a peacock feather in every package but now we are curious to change it up! Every package will contain a decorative, beautiful feather!

Sample of the Month Discussion:

We are excited to share samples of our amazing products with you in generously sized portions! We randomly choose products each month, on the house, to place in your package. We always keep some on reserve, to ensure that your sample is not a product that you purchased. This is all about trying new things!

We are even more excited to share our own wildcrafted, medicinal seeds with you! Every package will not only contain a free sample, but it we will also give a surprise medicinal seed! The seed will vary, giving you something new with every purchase! This has been a hit, as everyone seems to love growing their own medicinal plants. We even give those that are very rare!

On top of that, we are bringing back the free feather with every package, as we have done since the business began! Rather than getting a standard peacock feather, as we did in the past, we will switch it up and make it a new, surprise feather! So with each purchase, you will get a free sample, a free wildcrafted medicinal seed, AND a free decorative feather surprise!

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Happy Cleansing!


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