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Sample of the Month: Palo Santo Hydrosol Spray, Scented with Palo Santo Essential Oil


“Sample of the Month”

  1. Hydrosol Solutions Palo Santo Spray! A 1 oz spray bottle that contains the steam distilled hydrosol of the inner and outer bark of the palo santo tree. We also add a few drops of palo santo essential oil. It has a lovely, sweet, yet potent, natural scent! The hydrosol is a clear liquid that contains the water-soluble compounds of palo santo wood. The spray can be used as a facial mist, body mist, room spray, linen spray, or it can even be added to your personal cosmetics or detox baths! You can also diffuse the hydrosol to create a lovely atmosphere. The scent of this hydrosol may create a calming, relaxing, and conscious energy that may energize and soothe you! It smells heavenly!
  2. Peacock Feather We have always been known to place a peacock feather in every package! Now that our own personal peacocks are older, you may even get one of theirs!

Sample of the Month Discussion:

We are excited to share samples of our amazing products with you in generously sized portions! We randomly choose products each month, on the house, to place in your package. We always keep extras on reserve, to ensure that your sample is not a product that you purchased. This is all about trying new things!

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