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100% Pure, Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oil

Topical Support for Biofilm Matrix Dissolution!

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 Biofilm Solutions Signature Essential Oil Blend Discussion:

Signature Oil Proprietary Blend of:

  • Oregano (86% Carvacrol) Flowering Tops / Origanum vulgare / Greece
  • White Thyme Leaf / Thymus vulgaris / Morocco
  • Red Thyme Flowering Tops / Thymus vulgaris L. / India
  • Cistus Incanus Resin / Cistus ladanifer / India
  • Yarrow Flower / Achillea ligustica / France
  • Black Cumin Seed / Nigella sativa / Egypt
  • Cinnamon Bark / Cinnamomum zeylanicum / Madagascar
  • Spruce “Black” Needle / Picea mariana / Canada
  • Spruce “Blue” Needle / Picea pungens / Canada
  • Pine Needle / Pinus sylvestris / Bulgaria
  • Birch “Yellow or Golden” Bark / Betula alleghaniensis / Russia
  • Clove Bud / Syzygium aromaticum / Madagascar


This is intended as a topical blend to assist with those suspecting that a biofilm layer may be forming on the skin. It would also be an amazing blend to use in your soaking water for vegetables and fruits. Even though our oils are therapeutic grade, we do not advocate the internal use of essential oils. You can find general dilution recommendations below.

Biofilm is described as infectious pathogen communities residing in a self-secreted biopolymer matrix, having a consistency resembling gel. Its purpose is to anchor and protect them from their own environmental conditions. World renown herbalist Dr. Stephen Buhner describes this substance as a microscopic city that may include inner cables that are used to conduct and transport electricity, which provides heat to the inner communities.(1), This gel matrix may protect pathogens from any type of remedy taken, including medications.(1). It is explained in his book, “Healing Lyme“, that the structures and tissues surrounding biofilms may become damaged, not only due to compounds emitted from the outer layer but also by ou own innate immunity processes. The damage may eventually puncture tissues, linings, and other structures, allowing harmful pathogens and matter to spread throughout the body.(1).

Biofilms may include multiple species of pathogens. They may also contain what the pathogens feed on so that once they are secured in, they don’t have to leave for nourishment.(1). They may become denser and denser until sections break apart to possibly travel and spread elsewhere. We would like to mention that the act of breaking up a biofilm matrix may assist the body with detoxing nano-substances!

Important Note: Biofilms are a natural part of the body and crucial to maintaining good health. While biofilm busting is a popular aspect to fighting specific issues, including Lyme, it may be best to chip away at these processes gradually, rather than aggressively. This may avoid breaking open pockets of pathogens in high numbers and overwhelming the body’s immune system. Slow and steady may win the race. 

This blend contains a synergy of support, as it contains both biofilm busting components along with those that may disrupt pathogen quorum communication. This simply means it not only supports the dismantling of the biofilm matrix but it may also support blocking the communication abilities of the pathogens themselves! The clove contains eugenol, the thyme contains thymol, the oregano contains carvacrol, and the pine contains pinene, and there are even more essential compounds in this blend for biofilm matrix dissolution.

If you feel that this biofilm supportive oil is something for you, then you may want to consider a few of our other products. We have Biofilm Grenade™, a matrix-dismantling supportive herbal blend that is available as a tincture, glycerites, capsules, or herbal tea. We are also excited to share that we have a special supplement blend, QuerBerine Tea™, which is liquid quercetin, berberine, and wildcrafted green tea blend containing a special synergy that may support the dissolution but also the disrupt the quorum communication of the pathogens. For support with the intestinal mucus removal, you may want to consider our Intest~Ease intestinal sweep. You may also want to consider the CrysaLynn Serrapeptase Enzymes! As you break down the biofilm platform and the communication system, the protein-dissolving enzymes may help by dismantling all of the loosened debris and newly exposed pathogens! The addition of our amazing and effective “Impurit~Ease” toxin binders may not be a bad idea with the thought of massive toxins omitted as pathogens are killed off. All of these products can be purchased together at a discounted price in our “Biofilm Dissolution Package” It is truly made out to be difficult and it doesn’t have to be as complicated as it seems!

We must include that customer feedback has told us that with the addition of this tincture to their soaking fruits and vegetables, they are clearly seeing floating matter that resembles a biofilm-like mass on top of the cleansing water! It may also make an effective food wash additive!

To understand these structures and their processes in more detail, we suggest that you purchase Dr. Buhner’s book “Healing Lyme“!

Biofilm Solutions Essential Oil Proprietary Ingredient Blend: Oregano, White Thyme, Red Thyme, Cistus incanus, Yarrow, Black cumin seed, Cinnamon, Black Spruce, Blue Spruce, Pine, Birch, Clove.

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References: 1. Buhner, S. (2015). Healing Lyme. Silver City, NM. Raven Press.

  • Scientific Study On Biofilms: 



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