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Botanical Name: Bondarzewia berkeleyi

Extremely Rare!



Bondarzewia Discussion:

Also known as “Wild Maitake”. This is a magical and rare find! As far as we know, we are the only ones that offer this mushroom. Due to its rarity, we only offer it as standard and collided tinctures. Bondarzewia is such a rare find that there is little to no medicinal information or studies on its benefits. What we can personally attest to is that when our family has a cold, we drink this lovely tea and our cold seems to leave us rather quickly! It has a taste that we guarantee you will find delicious!

Product Information: 

We prefer to use unprocessed, wildcrafted material and always choose it first. When possible and we even add fresh, plant material, whenever it is an option! This may extract every fragile compound possible. Normally some enzymes can be lost in the drying process and as far as we know, we are unique to this! Many companies that make simple elixirs may not even know how to do it properly!

As we have explained, elsewhere on this website, we believe it is key to choose at least 2 “methods of administration” in attempts to reach maximum saturation! This simply means that it may be more beneficial to choose an herb in two different forms. For example, if you want to try this herb, you may consider getting both a tincture and capsules. Simply choosing two ways of intake. You can utilize your herbs in different ways as well. For example, using your tincture as a belly button soak or as a detox bath additive. This is just a suggestion and never required. Saturation may be key!

My products have been continually energetically and muscle tested by customers and by experienced and qualified energy practitioners countless times over the years. They have all passed every test they have ever been put through and mostly surpass the rest!

We use a 325 MHz. quartz crystal, straight from the mines in Brazil to steep in most of our liquid products, including tinctures. The magic of these stones may energetically and magically synergize with the healing properties of the compounds, which may cause a transformational, vibrational, and amplifying frequency within your body! Crystal energy may assist in the rebalancing of your spiritual & emotional levels. Another rare concept offered by a business, we strive to be the best and offer you the highest quality in all of our products!

Available Methods of Administration:

Below, in red, for each product version, we list what part of the plant is used and the method of processing. With multiple products and limited stock of wildcrafted material, we sometimes have to responsibly purchase the herb. If a product says that it is “full-spectrum”, it means that it contains every part of the plant, including the roots, and wherever we can, we even add the flower or fruit! Abbreviation Key: WC – Wildcrafted / FG – Freshly Ground / D+F – Dry & Fresh Material

Standard Tinctures – Herbal compounds extracted in alcohol. They are taken under the tongue, in water, or a smoothie, to uptake the already extracted and readily available compounds, similarly as plants do in nature! When taken under the tongue, the alcohol may act as a “carrier”, pulling them into the bloodstream, where they then may go into circulation to reach harder to reach areas, possibly the organs. In the digestion process, many say that we only receive a low amount of the compounds and that we may lose most of the rest. Tinctures may allow us to bypass this loss to receive the maximum compounds and benefits that the herb has to offer. Their strength has been maintained, while the most fragile compounds are preserved and still present. This method may offer superior absorption. Ingredients: Alcohol, WC/FG Bondarzewia mushroom.

Colloidal Tinctures – We energetically collide a general standard tincture with a sonification method. This process is similar to what is known as “liposomal”, yet we are too small of a company to use that term. The whole idea is that it may create tiny, microscopic bubbles around the single herbal and oxygen molecules. Many experts go back and forth about which method is best and it seems that the homemade process may be equally favored! Ingredients: Alcohol, Distilled water, WC Bondarzewia mushroom, Sunflower lecithin, Vitamin E (Tocopherol).

Happy Cleansing!

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