Chitosan Solutions™


ChemicalFree Chitosan

With Glucomannan & Digestive Enzymes

May Support: Binding of Toxins, Including Mold Association / Bile Acid Promotion / Heavy Metal Toxicity, Especially Lead!


Chitosan Solutions Discussion:

A special and unique binder for those that want to focus on the removal of many types of toxins, some heavy metals, especially those associated with mold toxicity.

Chitosan is normally extracted from the shell of shellfish, although ours is a bit more unique. It has become more popular over the past few years as a mold detox remedy. It may have binding capabilities with black mold toxins, such as ochratoxin and trichothecene. Some testing has indicated that chitosan may bind to some heavy metals, such as lead. It may also have prebiotic characteristics, which means that it may feed the healthy bacteria on its way out of the body.

We have had a few years of experience with chitosan, and with working closely with those using it, feedback indicated that taking chitosan with digestive enzymes seemed to offer better results. Users theorized that the enzymes possibly pulled toxins from the tissues, which could then be bound but that may, or may not be, the case. Regardless, for this reason, we add digestive enzymes to this blend. Most brands also add glucomannan, which swells up to form a jelly and it is used to help flush the chitosan through the intestinal tract, ensuring the toxins bound are quickly released.

Chitosan is a bile acid sequestrant, which means that it binds to bile acids, carrying them out with stool, rather than returning to the liver. This may promote the liver to produce even more bile acid, to make up for the loss. It has been compared to prescription binders, as it binds to bile acids in a similar manner. It is used in weight loss because of its bulking actions, which may make you feel fuller, longer. It also may promote healthy digestion and intestinal health.

In the processing of commercial chitosan, chemicals are used to extract the calcium carbonate and then again to remove the protein. It is common knowledge that adding it to your garden promotes plant growth. They have even contemplated the idea of skipping this process because it would make chitosan just as effective, if not even more, yet chemical-free. Our chitosan has the complete calcium, protein, and chitosan profile intact. The digestive enzymes play a role of helping the gut break it down once it is going through the digestive process. This makes our chitosan unique and chemical-free.

Please keep in mind that a shellfish allergy may create issues with chitosan remedies.

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Chitosan Variations:

4 oz. Powder, 8 oz. Powder, 1 lb. Powder, 60 Capsules, 120 Capsules, 240 Capsules, 500 Capsules

Chitosan Solutions™ Ingredients:

Ingredients: Proprietary Blend of: Chitosan, Glucomannan, Protease (250 HUT), Amylase (15,000 DU), Cellulase (125,000DU), Hemicellulase (400,000 HCU), Serrapeptase (120,000 U), Papain (120,000 U), Bromelain (120 DGU).





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