Iodine Solutions™


5% Saturated Iodine Solution

Lugol’s Formula

Discounted 10 ml. Spray – Stained Brown Yet Useable!



Iodine is an essential mineral that certain processes of our body need to reach and maintain a balance of working efficiently. Most of us are said to be deficient in this mineral. It is commonly mentioned by sufferers, as many read about it and desire it in their arsenal. It is one of the few remedies that many say may help the body to detox graphene. Although, using too much iodine can be dangerous, therefore rely on its accumulation factor in the body. Steady, low, and consistent use may be key.

Our body uses iodine for many processes, including thyroid, hormonal, and even in fighting pathogens. It is said to be ideal for any age and it is said to possibly be helpful for everything from the heart, other organs, to the development and functioning of the brain. There are many websites that will go into more depth on iodine benefits, and cautions, as I urge you to do your own research and know the supplement before purchasing. I simply offer solutions, including high-quality iodine. 

Whole foods may also be a great way to supplement iodine. Whole foods that are superior in iodine content are the seaweeds and the hulls of the black walnut are exceptionally high!


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