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Auditory Solutions Discussion:

A solution for many types of pathogens in the ear canals. This includes, but is not limited to parasites, mites, bacteria, viruses, dust, and many types of toxins.

This is a concentrated solution, only be used in drops. Add 1-3 drops to a tsp. of peroxide and then gently transfer to the ear canal. Allow it to sit in the ear for 15-20 minutes, which may be sufficient time for it to work properly. Apply it to both ears. This product is a blend of our amazing eye rinse, synergized with essential oils, including carrier oils. Therefore, nothing else is needed and it is ready for use in the ears. This product is for the ears only and it cannot be used in the eyes, due to their restrictions when it comes to essential oils.

As we explain most of our olfactory and sensory system products, that by using a product in one area, another may be affected. Feedback has told us that with the use of this product in the ears, a customer claims that it helped with the twitching sensations of the eyes. It goes to show the clear connections between these systems.

The sensory system is interconnected, and it includes the eyes, ears, nose, and throat. In my experience with cleansing, only a part is that I got a “Herxheimer reaction” in another. It is very important to cleanse ALL parts, to avoid pathogens traveling to the “road least cleansed” and hiding out in another area.

Other olfactory system products that we carry are: Sensory~Ease herbal eye rinse, Nasal Solutions nasal spray, Auditory Solutions herbal ear drops, and lastly, a package that contains all 4 products, along with all of their variations: Sensory System Package.

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Auditory Solutions™ Ingredients:

Proprietary Ingredients: (WC-Wildcrafted): Distilled water, Eyebright, WC Elderberry, WC Marigold, WC Basil, WC Stephania, WC Houttuynia fresh leaf, WC Queen Anne’s lace, WC Rose, WC Green tea, Honey, Bee propolis, WC Mullein, Chamomile, MSM, WC Gardenia, WC Garlic onion, WC Forsythia, Bee pollen, Echinacea, WC Slippery elm, WC Marshmallow, WC Magnolia, WC Pokeberry, WC Juniper, Skullcap, WC Carpet moss, Xylitol, Serrapeptase enzyme, Feverfew, NAC (N-Acetylcysteine), Berberine, Phellodendron, Fulvic acid, Essential oil fragrance, Silver colloids. Shelf Life: 5 years. Store: Cool, dry place.



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