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Concentrated Eye Rinse

Herbal Extracts / Eyebright / Pokeberry Juice / Fresh Basil / Enzymes

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There are many reasons to take special care of these most sensitive places, especially with the pathogenic stresses from this extra toxic world today. The digital age also brings added factors that may be damaging your sight even more. When you add infectious organisms and intestinal biofilm to this load, it seems almost inevitable that someday, as we go through life, many of us may develop problems affecting eyesight. Pathogens like bacteria, parasites, mites, viruses, molds, and dust may cause us to desperately seek solutions for the eyes.

The entire sensory system is more interconnected than we often learn conventionally. Some say you cannot truly heal from modern diseases unless you also treat the sensory system, and I agree with them. I dealt with my own eye infection after doing a long-term gut detox yet forgetting about those upper areas. As time passed by, they seemed to use these places to hide, build, and I nearly lost my eyesight. This product was initially created for my own issues of intense burning, massive floaters, and feeling like I was going blind. With just one drop in each eye, I felt those issues begin to melt away, with a single use!

It may reach beyond the eyes and you may feel those effects in places such as the nose or even the ears. It is so powerful that if overused it, it may cause a “Herxheimer reaction”. Its power is to be respected and used as needed. With the first few uses, it may cause crust-like matter, especially while sleeping. This product and my experience have shown that morning “eye crust” may actually be our immunity killing pathogens, as we sleep!

This concentrated solution has everything the eyes need and it also allows us to bypass digestion to deliver compounds directly to the eyes. Fresh basil leaves, full-spectrum marigold, and Queen Anne’s lace offer zeaxanthin, lutein, vitamin A, C, and beta carotene. After all Queen Anne’s lace is a wild carrot! Eyebright is an herb that is named after its intentive purpose. I also use wildcrafted and deseeded pokeberries for their highly and widely antiviral, antibacterial, and biologically active compounds. It may be best to use this solution before bed, to allow it to work as your eyes are closed.

While it can be used in all sensory system areas, I recommend getting a combination of this original product to use with my “Nasal Solutions” nasal spray. This clever combo cannot be beaten! Saturation is key!

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(Wildcrafted Herbs In Teal)

Proprietary Blend of the Following; Distilled water, Pokeberry juice, Alcohol, Eyebright (aerial parts), Elderberry, Marigold (full-spectrum), Basil, Stephania root, Prunella vulgaris (full-spectrum), Queen Anne’s lace (full-spectrum), Rose (intact), NAC (N-Acetylcysteine), Green tea leaf, Honey, Bee propolis, Aged mullein root, Chamomile flowers, MSM, Gardenia (aerial parts), Garlic onion (full-spectrum), Forsythia {aerial parts}, Bee Pollen, Echinacea purpurea (full-spectrum), Slippery elm bark, Marshmallow root, Magnolia blossom, Juniper heartwood, Chinese skullcap root, Usnea lichen, Carpet moss, Xylitol, Serapeptase enzyme, Feverfew (full-spectrum), Berberine, Phellodendron bark, Fulvic and humic acid, CBD (no THC), Silver colloids..

3 reviews for Sensory~Ease™

  1. Laurie Burkholder (verified owner)

    If your eyes get blurry or you have floaters, this takes that away instantly.
    Haven’t had eye issues since I started using this. Wonderful product!! I also used it in my ears that were clogged and they have healed too. Her products do what they say they will!!!

  2. Crystal Tripp – Founder/Owner of Dis~Ease Solutions®

    Teresa M says: Hey! I hope your well! I developed Covid about 10 day’s ago. Day 2 my eye’s looked like I have the devil in me. Scary! I used your eye wash. I developed a film (white) on my eyeballs. It wouldn’t wash/wipe off. So I took some medicine and went to bed. The next morning my eyes were matted closed.
    Was compresses and I could not believe. My eyes were so clear!

  3. Crystal Tripp – Founder/Owner of Dis~Ease Solutions®

    Customer From Missouri Says: Friend of mine drives for a city bus and recently was diagnosed with cataracts. He was starting to have a difficult time seeing especially at night. I gave him 2 drops of your “Sensory~Ease eye drops.” After the first use (1 drop in each eye with a 50-50 dilution of water) his vision was much better. The 2nd use, the next day his vision cleared completely. He no longer sees a halo around lights! No more blurred vision!

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