Oxygenated Chlorophyll

Chlorophyll Compounds / Enzymes / Oxygen

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Experiencing chronic illness first-hand has shown us how the optimum flow of internal channels may be key to overall health. Our bloodstream is a “river of life”, flowing throughout the entire body, including the microvessels. A lack of oxygen creates an acidic, anaerobic environment and that may allow pathogens to thrive, all-the-while fungus and molds may begin to set in. When this happens, it may cause a feeling that your blood has become dense and as though the heart cannot pump it properly. A lack of oxygen may cause high toxicity and pathogenic infestation, which then may release their own toxins. The collagen structure manipulation processes may then begin to break down. This can cause blood to become dense, packed with cellular and pathogenic debris.

When we exercise, oxygen is processed by the lungs, carried throughout the body in our red blood cells, which then deliver the molecules to the cells of our tissues. Our bloodstream can be compared to the xylem and phloem inner channels of plants. The bloodstream is our inner channel responsible for carrying and delivering compounds to each cell. The photosynthesis process converts sunlight into energy, resulting in the plant releasing oxygen into the air as it uses energy! Just as these compounds may do in your body!

We handpick the young, premature leaves of the Gardenia and Magnolia trees ourselves. When you extract the compounds from these two plants as they are maturing, early in the Spring, the result is a dense, dark green solution. The massive chlorophyll present at this time of the year is unbeatable! We also wildcraft the sea kelps ourselves from a secure, uncharted area of the ocean!

When we think of fermentation, we automatically think about creating health-conscious food. This thought may help us to realize that this is a bacterial process performed by the beneficial, aerobic bacteria. These microscopic helpers require adequate oxygen to do their job optimally. It takes oxygen to maintain a proper pH in certain areas of the body. Think about how the fermentation process does not grow harmful fungus, even though the food sits at room temperature for days, to weeks, at a time. We would highly suggest using this promising blend for candida and other types of fungal support!

Some companies rely on the fulvic and humic acids alone in products to supply you with oxygen. Not only do we add those two acids to the blend, but we also use plant and proteolytic enzymes to magically dismantle the compounds, delivering them to your cells on a silver platter!

Lastly, we would like to mention the lipospheric process that we instill into this solution. This is the process of capturing the chlorophyll, and other molecules, in an envelope of oxygen! During the energetic process, each and every molecule is encased in an oxygen bubble! If you could see the process happen with your own eyes, you would clearly see the oxygen emanating within, as it even completely changes the color! This makes it more bioavailable, which is being more readily available for your cells to uptake compounds, just as plants do in nature!

ChlorOxyPhyll May Support:

  • Supports the Process of Dis-Ease
  • Oxygenation of Red Blood Cells
  • Oxygenation of Tissues
  • Oxygenation Delivery to Microvessels
  • Immunity
  • Anti-Aging
  • Stress-Relieving
  • Rejuvenation As We Sleep
  • Internal & Beneficial Fermenting Bacteria
  • Protecting Against Anaerobic Pathogens
  • Viral & Other DNA Replications Protection
  • Candida & Fungal Support
  • Receiving Readily Available & Bioavailable Oxygen
  • Opens Cellular Respiration
  • Oxygenation of Microvessels

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