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Nasal Solutions Discussion: 

The eyes, ears, nose, and throat are connected and by using a product in one area, the others may receive benefits. I combine my top herbs and signature essential oil blends into a single product for the nose. This spray will offer you the strongest, most effective option to tackle pathogens that are capable of using these areas to hide, as well as other factors that may be affecting the nasal passage, such as inflammation.

Common sense would tell us that the nose may be a penetrative doorway to the inside of the skull. There are many reasons to flush and rinse these sensitive areas. Essential oil molecules themselves may interact with the brain. When inhaled, they are absorbed into tissues and may then wander into the lungs, where they may interact with the entire respiratory system! There is an entire, nearly unreachable glymphatic system in the head that many utilize in attempts to possibly reach the more unreachable terrain.

I have added the top Lyme and co-infection-supportive herbs that I have found through research. There are also herbs to support infections of modern parasites, bacteria, and viruses as well. We have also added adaptogens that may carry other compounds to where they may be needed the most. We also fortify our nasal sprays with collagen proteins, to support any present inflammation. The scents are named for their intentions.

The way we suggest using it is to shake it well, then spraying 1-2 sprays into each nostril. Afterwards, take another deep breath through the nose, closing each side while doing so. Keep in mind that this spray has shown to be very powerful! It may affect other areas of the sensory system, as they are all connected, the nose, eyes, ears, and throat. We suggest pulsing this spray, using it for a day, then taking a day off, to allow it to do its work. If you experience redness or soreness, anywhere, stop its use, allow that effect to heal, and then you may begin using the spray once more. Do not underestimate its power!

We feel very strongly about the infection and the reinfection capabilities of the nasal passages in particular. For example, a fungal infection in the nasal areas may emit constant toxins that we then breath in all day. We must not forget to cleanse these upper areas. We may not be able to truly get better as long as we allow them to hide!

We have incorporated powerful herbs for those with staph, bacteria, parasites, mites, viruses, molds, and dust particles. It may leave the passageways clearer and with less respiratory mucus left behind. It may also support and lower allergies and sensitivities. I have desperately sought solutions for everyone….this is something almost magical.

Please do NOT use this nasal solution or ANY essential oils IN the eyes, EVER!

Other olfactory system products that we carry are: Sensory~Ease herbal eye rinse, Nasal Solutions nasal spray, Auditory Solutions herbal ear drops, and lastly, a package that contains all 4 products, along with all of their variations: Sensory System Package.

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