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May Support: Viral Replication & Prevention

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Black Seed Zinc Discussion:

We have a study here to share with you, called “Potential benefits of combination of Nigella sativa and Zinc to treat COVID-19”. It tells us that zinc may prevent viral replication within the cell and that the black seed compound nigellimine, may act as a carrier for the zinc and they may synergistically work together against viral replication. It tells us that black seed contains bioactive components, like thymoquinone, Di thymoquinone, thymohydroquinone, and nigellimine. It claims that black seed could be altered by a zinc supplement, which may improve innate and adaptive immunity during most types of infection, no matter if it involves viral or bacterial aspects. This review claims that black seed and zinc combined may be a great natural choice to have in your COVID arsenal. To view this study, Click Here! 

Black cumin is a plant called Nigella sativa and the seed is used medicinally. It is one of the most universal and powerful superfoods you may find, and it comes from Egypt and India, where it is a native species. Many companies claim they have something special because their product is from Egypt, although it is simply where almost all products are manufactured. Black seed may offer superior support for hormonal and prostate processes. It is classified as an aromatic with an intense peppery aroma and taste, which may assist in opening airways and respiratory support. It contains thymoquinone, which is the compound that makes this oil so potent because it is a preventative for the viral cascade process and histamine reactions. It also contains the compound quinine, which has received a lot of interest recently. 

Zinc is an essential trace element that can be supplemented. The body does not store zinc and it may be beneficial to supplement during times of lowered immunity, like with viral infections. High sources may be meats, seafood, nuts, and legumes. Something many do not know is that vision support may be affected by a deficiency in zinc. The vision may become blurry and compromised. 

Our black seed zinc is concentrated and dense, which is a rare find that we would suggest for everyone to consider adding to your daily regimen.  It may offer support that other cold-processed oils, or zinc alone, may not necessarily be able to achieve! 

We also offer the Replication Termination blend, which may offer a whole other level of added support for viral, and other pathogens, and their processes.










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