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Cordyceps militaris “Cordyceps” Mushroom Products

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Cordyceps Mushroom Discussion:

We use whole cordyceps mushroom, freshly-ground to order, as well as in the tincturing process.

Cordyceps is a superb mushroom that is advocated by Dr. Stephen Buhner, whom we follow the recommendations of quite often. In his book, “Healing Lyme’, he shares extensive information about cordyceps. He tells us that cordyceps is highly protective of mitochondria, as well as stimulate their ATP processes and most of our organs, like the spleen, lungs, brain, and kidneys. He explains that it is an inhibitor, as well as protectant pertaining to many aspects and process in the body. It is an immune modulator, which means that it can upregulate or downregulate, depending on what is needed. It acts like an antioxidant and stimulates other antioxidant activity. It is also key in protecting against free radical scavengers. There are far too many benefits for us to mention. We have listed many of its benefits, most of which he touches base on in his book, below. We highly recommend that you purchase his book “Healing Lyme” yourself!

Cordyceps offers lung assistance by supporting the normalization of cellular functioning in epithelia and by normalizing inflammatory cytokines within the airway epithelial cells. It has capabilities to block the pathways of secretion cytokines. It is also a lung cilia protector. It also has suppression abilities against diabetes-regulating genes. It also is said to synergize and potentiate a specific diabetic medication called Cyclosporin A. If you take this medication, you may want to consult with your practitioner concerning dosage and possible use in general.

Cordyceps is a common enhancement additive to athletic, memory, and cognition supplements. It is one of the most potent adaptogens, which is an herb with capabilities of carrying other herbal compounds deeper and to where they may be needed the most. It has its own compound, which is named after it, cordycepin, which offers cytokine support. 

Buhner tells us that cordyceps is more of a “medicinal food” that can be taken in high doses and many benefits above are dose dependent. Higher doses may be best and there are few to no recorded interactions to mention. In Chinese traditional medicine, it is normally taken in 3-9 gram portions, daily. It makes an amazing food additive for fighting illness. It may be best taken in tincture form because some of its constituents are only alcohol-soluble and cannot be extracted by water. The alcohol-soluble compounds are also soluble in bile acids, which means that in powdered or capsule form, your body may be capable of doing the extraction work as well. It is an herb generally suggested in higher doses, except for tinctured versions. Buhner suggests taking either 4 tbsp. of powder, up to 12,000 mg a day in capsule form, or a generally low tincture dose 3x’s a day. 

The biggest question we get asked is, “Can I eat mushrooms with candida/fungal issues?” Due to this being a “grey area”, we should do our best to clarify. In our opinion, if mushrooms fed fungus, it would be well-known and not questionable at all. I know that while suffering from candida affecting my central nervous system, mushrooms helped me. Mushrooms contain an abundance of “polysaccharides” and “protein-bound polysaccharides”. Canida feeds on simple sugars, which there is nothing simple about the constituents in mushrooms, as they are complex. As a matter of fact, it is these “protein-bound polysaccharides” that are said to be super-beneficial for fighting candida. Candida and other fungal species that infect the body seem to feed on simple sugars and as it turns out, it may be the complex compounds and macronutrients that specialize in fighting it!

They are immune-stimulating and anything that may help immunity, could be beneficial. Take into consideration the fact that they are a highly respected herb in ancient Chinese medicine. Many mushrooms contain constituents that are unique to them, which is why some compounds are named after the mushroom they are found in. Mushrooms are highly protective of the liver, which is especially helpful to those suffering from fungal and pathogenic issues because the liver works overtime to process the toxins they produce.

They are dense in B vitamins and can actually supply a complete vitamin B complex! Meaning if you use a blend of mushrooms, like this, you may be getting all the B vitamins! A vitamin B deficiency is commonly associated with pathogenic issues, as it is said they feed on the B vitamins inside of our body. They are also rich in riboflavin, niacin, and pantothenic acid. When you receive these compounds together, you may be protecting heart health. Riboflavin is beneficial for your red blood cells and niacin supports digestive health and skin. In higher amounts, niacin acts as a flush for toxins and toxic matter. 

They contain selenium, potassium, copper, iron, and phosphorus, which are not normally found in herbs. They are also high in antioxidants, such as ergothioneine and glutathione, which are said to be preventatives and supportive of many types of neurological issues, especially the more common and chronic ones. As a matter of fact, by consuming them daily, you may boost processes of the brain, like memory, and lessen cognitive decline later in life. 

Antioxidants are amazing for support with free radicals and oxidative stress. This in turn supports cellular health and may offer cell protection. The vitamin C content in mushrooms is significant enough to mention. Vitamin C supports immunity and heart health as well. We use the whole mushroom, including the stem. The stem is high in a fiber called beta-glucans and they are known for cholesterol support. 

Mushrooms are commonly used in cooking because many say they enhance the taste of food. This is due to the glutamate ribonucleotides. They are actually used to substitute meats for many vegetarians and these compounds are what make them taste similar. Therefore, they have the taste, yet no harmful effects on your blood pressure or heart. They are low in salt, calories, fat, and cholesterol. 

Many are looking to supplement vitamin D, yet when they take a synthetic form, many say it didn’t agree with them. Mushrooms are the only non-animal source of vitamin D, due to a compound called ergosterol, which they convert to create a natural vitamin D. This is what mushrooms naturally do! They synthesize vitamin D from sunlight! This means they may support all that vitamin D supplementation does, like bone health and strength!

We have many types of medicinal mushrooms. Some of them are very common and others we may be the only source for! You can find all of them by searching this website for the keyword “mushroom’, where each one of them will result as options. We also have a blend of all the mushrooms that we carry called MediMush. To view, Click Here!

Product Variations:

Tinctures Herbal compounds extracted in an alcohol base. Tinctures offer the most superior absorption capabilities. We recommend allowing your dose to sit under the tongue for a minute or two, then swallowing it down with a drink of water. The microscopic, pre-extracted compounds are readily available to be absorbed through the tissue, into the bloodstream, then circulating to the organs.

Lipospheric Tinctures Standard tinctures that are put through an energetic process, which collides the herbal compounds, encasing them in oxygenated bubbles. This method is an oxygenation process, which changes the color of the solution. The lipospheres’ are commonly referred to as nanoparticles, which surpasses the bioavailability of a standard tincture.

Capsules Size 00, vegetarian capsules, handmade, to order. We feel that the combination of a tincture, and capsules, of the same herb, or blend, may offer a saturation that cannot be surpassed otherwise. The duo is highly recommended for those that really want to see what an herb may do for them!

Herbal TeaEach teabag can be brewed up to three times, resulting in three cups of tea, each. Generally, this means that you may get 60-75 cups of tea per 6 oz. order! Each label specifies the brewing instructions, which highly depends on the parts used in the tea.

GlyceritesHerbal compounds extracted in vegetable glycerin. This may be ideal for those most sensitive and for children.

Loose Herbal PowdersWe keep an inventory of herbs in their whole-form. They are powdered down, to order. This ensures abundant, and present, compounds as well as superior freshness. Many of our herbs are wildcrafted, which is the most medicinal form one can attain, in our opinion.

All variations are animal & child-safe, at the appropriate dosage. Wherever possible, we always choose unprocessed, ethically wildcrafted plant material. “Full-spectrum” means that the product contains every part of the plant, including the roots, and wherever we can, we even add the seed, flower, and/or fruit!

We have had our products energetically tested by a practitioner, using the Zygo scanning system. The results were that our products tested 360% more energetic than any others! Over the years customers have continued to energetically test our products with their own body and they have passed every test they have ever been put through.

Always use herbals wisely and with common sense!

Happy Cleansing!

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