Sacred Blessings™


Blessed Anointing/Prayer Oil

Oil Infused With Oils Notated In The Bible


An oil that is one of the oldest, sacred traditions that are known today. It has never been needed more than now, in our opinion. We use the same anointing oils mentioned in Exodus 30:22-24, of the Bible, which consists of myrrh, calamus, and both cinnamon bark and leaf, blended in extra virgin olive oil. In these uncanny days,  individuals and communities need to come together, as there has never been more of a need for a personal relationship with God.

Our anointing oil can be used in different ways, although it is intended to support prayer. Prayer is the strongest tool that you can utilize, especially if you feel attacked by negative energies. The aroma may linger and consistently remind and encouragement that our loving creator is always near. Reinforce your faith or enhance the spiritual experience through prayer. This oil is not meant to be used for physical healing and does not have any mystical power in and of itself.

Our anointing oil also makes a thoughtful and considerate gift to give those that use prayer in daily life. It has been hand-blessed by an independent preacher. It can be used in D.I.Y. projects, candles, scented sachets, room clearings, blessing, protections, to deepen meditations, prayers, or on journeys. When anointing someone else, wet your right thumb with a little of the anointing oil and use it to draw a cross in the middle of the other person’s forehead. As you draw the cross, state the person’s name and say, “I anoint you with oil in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”


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