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Smudging is a process of energetically cleansing space, inviting in positive energy. Plant material is burned, saturating the space in smoke, purifying it. Take a few minutes to set your intentions beforehand, clearing your mind.

We have all experienced a time when we have felt as though we are under spiritual attack. No matter what type of negative energy, or entity, it seems as though the protective practices and remedies are still the same! No matter which, the word was given to us for spiritual protection! These are simply tools to use, alongside prayer, to clear our personal spaces and items, such as smudging. Ultimately, prayer may be the strongest protection available.

Your gems, stones, and/or living spaces may be cleared by smudging and the use of essential oil diffusion. It may also help to place a diluted drop of our Entity Solutions essential oil on each wrist while saying a prayer to cast away negative thoughts and beings.

The sage stick, Santo Palo sticks, and resins are used for their smoke. As the clearing smoke is distributed around the room, a prayer is recited. Light them with a candle or a lighter, holding the stick at an angle and letting it burn for 30 seconds or so. Blow out the flame or wave it rapidly, to produce the needed smoke. In tradition, a feather is used to blow the smoke around a room. The same goes for the essential oil aroma. 

A free large, clear quartz crystal is included as an option in the kits only. Some use one in their smudging practices to hold onto any negative energy/entity, as they are believed to hold and lock them in until you clear them. We offer crystals alone, in many sizes and you can be redirected to them by Clicking Here.

Caution: Do not misuse. Be sure coals are put out properly. Do not leave unattended. Not for use by children.

  • 4 OR 8 Inch Sage Wand
  •  1 oz. Resin Powder (Frankincense, Myrrh, & Bloodroot)
  • Abalone Shell & Stand
  • Palo Santo Sticks
  • Peacock Feather
  • 1 oz. Entity Solutions Essential Oil
  • Full Smudging Kit (Includes A Lg. Crystal)

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4 Inch Sage Wand, 8 Inch Sage Wand, Santo Palo Sticks, Peacock Feather, Abalone Shell & Driftwood Stand, 1/2 oz. Entity Solutions Essential Oil, 1 oz. Entity Solutions Essential Oil,  1 oz. Resin Powder (Frankincense, Myrrh, & Bloodroot), Small Kit – 4 Inch Sage Wand / 1/2 oz. Entity Solutions Oil / 2 Santo Palo Sticks / 1 oz. Resin Powder (Frankincense, Myrrh, & Bloodroot), Large Kit With 8 Inch Sage Wand / 1 oz. Entity Solutions Oil / 4 Santo Palo Sticks / 2 oz. Resin Powder (Frankincense, Myrrh, & Bloodroot)


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