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Etheric alchemy that is absolutely one of the most powerful tools that energy or lightworker can have to work with! Generators can be placed in a grid fashion to protect the home. You can clear them with sage and set your intentions into them, which will be retained by the conscious and intelligent crystals within. Many use orgone pieces to drop in the ocean, or insert into inflatable balls, as it is said that the dolphins sense it and come to play! They say that the mammals of the ocean pick them up and carry them to areas of high frequency and drop them!

We have done our best to beat other prices of orgone generators. This page is to purchase a pre-made generator only. There are many shapes, sizes, and colors to choose from. On any generator, there are two layers to choose colors from. If you wish to have a generator that you can design and choose colors for as many layers that you wish, Click Here to be redirected to the “Custom Orgone Generator” page.

For non-pyramid shaped generators, the top layer is almost the entire piece, with the 2nd layer consisting of a thin, bottom. If you want a completely clear, or solid-colored generator, simply choose clear/translucent for both options. For those new to orgone, to avoid confusion, take a look at the provided photos, including the pyramid outline below to get an idea of what your generator may look like.

For pyramids, there are actually 6 total layers, yet you only choose colors for the 3rd and 4th layers, referred to in the options as “Layer 1 & 2”. The top two layers automatically come translucent, with a metal-wrapped crystal at the clear tip and quartz crystal chips in the clear layer beneath. The 5th layer is made of fireglass, which showcases the metals within. The 6th, or bottom layer, has black shungite powder, to enhance the piezoelectricity properties.

We also have an option to choose the color of the inner copper metal components. You can choose a bright gold-colored copper or silver-colored, tinned copper. 

Orgone generates healing and protective etheric energy. Orgone energy was discovered by William Reich. He pieced together an understanding of how we may have an electrical “charge”, which resulted in game-changing technology.

Fun Fact: It is said that our pineal gland is made up of tiny crystals! Those crystals are said to also create the same type of energy called piezoelectricity!

The inner materials are layered and condensed, creating a concentration of positive energy. This energy is said to have a healing effect that may also filter out negative energies, also known as entities. Many believe that they may be enhanced by strong EMF’s. Orgone consists of materials that create the basis of piezoelectricity. As it compresses, natural and magical energy acts as a pulsing shield, absorbent, regenerator, and protective barrier.

Users have reported back benefits such as grounding support, a calming effect, extra energy, immunity support, lessening of anxiety, PTSD support, emotional and mental balance, spiritual growth, focus, concentration, consistent and predictable sleeping patterns, positive effects on fresh food, and EMF reduction. I personally experienced what seemed like a detox the first time that I encountered orgone energy.

Farmers and gardeners have claimed to have fantastic results by using orgone generators placed in the soil. They feel as though it may have significantly improved crop yields and growth. All things living may thrive when they are in superior living conditions. 

The most popular way to utilize orgone energy is for mainstream EMF sensitivities,  which are electromagnetic frequencies that are said to be emitted from cell towers, cable routers, and other electronic device technologies. They can be used from sleeping with it beneath your pillow, on a bedside stand, as a cell phone holder/plate, near fresh food items for prolonged storage, on the windowsills, directly in the soil or near your plants, next to or on top of electrical devices, and to keep close to you for its defensive and beneficial energy!

William Reich constructed an orgone energy accumulator, which is an encasement, known as the “Orgone Box”. He advocated that the box may harness the orgone energy, creating a tight channel around the body to support many types of ailments. It is said that when plants were placed inside of the orgone box, they grow faster, larger, and denser than normal. There is a story about how a man used orgone in the soil of his yard and it turned so vibrantly green, during a watering ban, that authorities came to him to reprimand him.

It even resulted in groundbreaking approaches towards clouds and in weather research. It is also worth mentioning that orgone was also advocated and suggested by the late Sherry Shriner, to be used as a tool to empower water that can be used against negative entities. We suggest that you do your own research and make your own opinions on those aspects.

Furthermore, we have tested our orgone by placing a pyramid atop of our own router and the EMF reading went down significantly! A test was also performed by placing a pyramid on the top, of the outside of the freezer and astoundingly it still had an effect on the ice, inside!

If you have any concerns, please email us at or through the “contact us” tab on this website, so that we can have a conversation about the specifics of your generator.


  • 3″ x 4″  Teddy Bear (Device Holding) Generator

1st Layer: Teddy Bear / 2nd Layer: Separate Bottom Holding Plate

(Photo Coming Soon…..)

  • 5″ x 4″ Laying Unicorn Generator

1st Layer: Unicorn / 2nd Layer: Thin Bottom Layer

  • 4″ x 8″ Unicorn Horn Generator

1st Layer: Horn / 2nd Layer: Thin Bottom Layer / (Tip Is Always Clear)

  • 2.5″ x 1″ Puck Generator

1st Layer: Puck / 2nd Layer: Thin Bottom Layer

  • 3″ x 1″ Rose Generator

1st Layer: Rose / 2nd Layer: Thin Bottom Layer

  • 4″ x 2″ Brick Generator

1st Layer: Brick / 2nd Layer: Thin Bottom Layer

  • 3″ x 3″ Blossom Generator

1st Layer: Blossom / 2nd Layer: Thin Bottom Layer

  • 4″ x 1″ Charging Coaster

1st Layer: Coaster / 2nd Layer: Thin Bottom Layer

  • 7″ x 1/2″ Curvy/Geode-Edged Charging Plate

1st Layer: Plate / 2nd Layer: Thin Bottom Layer

  • 7″ x 1/2″ Rounded Edge Charging Plate

1st Layer: Plate / 2nd Layer: Thin Bottom Layer

  • 2″ x 2.5″ Pyramid Generator

Clear Tip / Crystal Chips / 1st Layer You Choose / 2nd Layer You Choose / Firestone Glass / Black Shungite Bottom

  • 6″ x 7″ Pyramid Generator

Clear Tip / Crystal Chips / 1st Layer You Choose / 2nd Layer You Choose / Firestone Glass / Black Shungite Bottom

Orgone Uses:

  • Grounding
  • Charging Drinking Water
  • Enhancement of Fresh Food, Fruits, & Vegetables Shelf Life
  • Under Your Pillow
  • Overall Health Support
  • Negative Energy Holders
  • Malevolent Entity Barrier
  • Dream Enhancers
  • EMF-Absorption
  • Cell Phone Stand/Holder
  • Harmful Frequency Absorbers
  • Supporting Plant Growth
  • Supporting Soil Quality
  • Agriculture Enhancement
  • Decorative Novelty (Including Children)
  • “Orgone Box” Tool
  • Entity-Shielding & Protection
  • Positive Energy Atmosphere

Please stay patient and give us any time that may be needed to make, dry, and ship your custom, hand-made orgone. Weights may vary, slightly. There may be trace imperfections, as they are hand-made.

Additional information

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Teddy Bear (3" x 4"), Unicorn (5" x 4"), Unicorn Horn (4" x 8"), Puck (2.5" x 1"), Rose (3" x 1"), Brick (4" x 2"), Blossom (3" x 3"), Coaster (4" x 1"), Curvy-Edged Plate (7" x 1/2"), Round-Edged Plate (7" x 1/2"), Pyramid (2" x 2.5"), Pyamid (4" x 4.5"), Pyramid (6" x 7")

Metal Color:

Bright Gold Copper, Silver-Toned Copper

1st Layer Color:

Black Shungite (solid Black), Blue "Navy", Blue "Light", Brown, Clear/Translucent, Gold, Forst Green, Light Green/Lime, Magenta, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Silver, Turquoise, White/Opal, Yellow

2nd Layer Color:

Black Shungite (solid Black), Blue "Navy", Blue "Light", Brown, Clear/Translucent, Gold, Forst Green, Light Green/Lime, Magenta, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Silver, Turquoise, White/Opal, Yellow

Amount of Generators:

1, 2 (10% Off), 3 (15% Off), 4 (20% Off), 5 (25% Off)


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