Quartz Crystal Pendant


Handcrafted Quartz Crystal

Necklace / Energetic Testing / Pendulum / Blockage Work / Inner Guidance / Protection / Decorative Hanging / Dream Catcher / Gifts

Latterly Extracted In A Brazilian Mine!



A beautiful, handcrafted 325 MHz. quartz crystal pendant, with our feather emblem. It is made with a raw crystal, recently mined from Brazil, I personally use white sage to clear then, making them ready for use.

Crystals are transmitters, capable to store information. They are used in many of today’s technologies, like cellphones, due to their range and storage capabilities. They are a synergistic pulse of living consciousness! They can amplify your living energy field, support the manifestation of healing vibes, and even capture and hold negative energy and frequencies.

Crystals are a connection to spirituality and consciousness. They help us reach our own divine mind, change us, and amplify our energetic frequency. The quantum crystalline field is a sequence of perfect pyramid structures that converge science and oneness of the human conscious technology. Sacred geology is connected to the entire universe! 

We may experience the absence of negative thoughts, because it may be carried by the crystal. They hold secrets of  divine communication, are the perfect energy source, and may be of assistance in our lives in many ways!

They also make amazing gifts! 


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Type of Crystal:

Crystal Pendulum, Heart Pendant


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