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Everything on the planet has its own electromagnetic frequency. The Earth itself and the human body each produce their own electric and magnetic field and if those fields become out of balance, and there is a possible detrimental effect. Technically, electromagnetic waves can be produced. Interactions between the human body and the Earth’s electromagnetic fields require balance, which means there can be disruption, which may come from the frequencies of television, radio waves, and microwaves.

Magnetic field therapy is used by practitioners and it entails balancing frequency interactions between humans and the environment. Physical and emotional changes in us can be affected by an EMF imbalance. Many who practice magnetic therapy believe each individual’s electromagnetic field needs to be maintained for proper health.

Magnets are said to pull metals out of the blood, opening vessels to increase blood flow into tissues, which may result in pain relief, repair, and oxygenation of the blood. It has become a common practice for people to wear magnets on or near the skin with intentions to break up negative electromagnetic fields. Magnets may assist with fighting off invasive and harmful frequencies of Wi-Fi and dirty electricity. Small magnets use their own electromagnetic field to flip the ionic charge from a negative to a positive, which may result in protection for the body from known damaging frequencies.

Our Pocket Sockets™  consist of 9 ferrites (ceramic) magnets. To have 9 means to have three groups of three, with opposite sides, pressed and held together. They are then inserted into heat-resistant silicone tubing with long durability. We offer Shungite stones, also in sets of three, which is the way they are used by some magnetic practitioners. This may provide added EMF protection by the negative frequency disruption capabilities. To read more about the benefits of using shungite stones themselves, Click Here.

Young children, pregnant women, or anyone wearing a pacemaker should not use magnetic therapy, as they may cause disruption in health-dependant device mechanics. There are no known side effects to magnetic therapy but if you have any health concerns, consult your physician beforehand.

To make it clear, they do not block out anything. They just create their own magnetic field protection and help to balance your own personal field of frequency already existing around you.

If you purchase more than one set and prefer a specific color for each, simply leave me a note in the commenting section while completing your order. 


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Pocket Socket™ Sets (2 Magnetic Wands, 2 Clips, & 3 Stones):

1 Set, 2 Sets, 3 Sets, 2 Magnetic Wands Only

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