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Planting/Growing Spilanthes Discussion:

Spilanthes, Acmella alba, is a wonderful plant to grow. It is considered to be a weed of moist areas in South America. It is beautiful and unique when in flower. Spilanthes can grow quite bushy and makes a great row plant. It likes full sun, to be free of weeds, and lots of water. Surprisingly, its flowers are one of the most expensive herbs on the market! It grows tons of flowers so I never understood why it was so costly as an herb. Save yourself some money, grow your own! 

It is called the “Toothache Plant” because it is one of the few plants that makes your entire mouth, tongue, and throat numb! For this reason, many use it in remedies for pain, due to its rare tingle.

It likes an general garden soil. It may be planted indoors until frost has passed but that has never been necessary for us. They have always grown just fine when planted in the Spring. Plants grow to around 18 inches in circumference. They form what could be referred to as a dome. Its lower branches may form roots at their lower nodes. The flower of this plant does not form the well-known “fisheye”. It forms a solid yellow flower. The medicinal benefits are interchangeable.

It is one of the easiest plants that we have grown. It is an annual in seasonal zones and a perennial in zones 10-12. It produces many seeds. It takes 7-10 days to germinate and 120 days to mature. Plants should be 1-2 ft. apart. It is a bit tolerant to salty air, making it ideal to plant near the ocean.

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