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Sida acuta Discussion:

An Ayurvedic herb that may be “hands down”, one of the top herbs that we have worked with. Commonly known as “wire weed”. It may also be a main ingredient in Ayurvedic herbal blends, such as Ksheerabala Thailam. Ironically an invasive plant they were making brooms out of long ago is now one of the most respected herbs for Lyme support. In his book, “Herbal Antibiotics“, he states that if more studies were completed on its compound capabilities, it may be “one of the world’s most accessible systemic herbal antibiotics”(1). We wildcraft our sida and grind it down to order, or to tincture. 

Here is a website that lists over 100 pathogens, 7 insects and protozoa, 6 viruses, 16 cancers, and and 49 mold species that sida acuta has shown to be active against, according to them. You can go there by Clicking Here

For my own, personal testimonial. We began to grow this herb, which it was invigorating to find Buhner’s herbs, as a challenge, long ago. With a horrid case of food poisoning, and after being doubled over in pain for nearly four excruciating hours, it came to mind that sida was supportive of cases such as this. We took a high dose of this herbal tincture. It was that or get up and go to the hospital, as it was that bad. Within a half an hour, the food poisoning cramping was completely gone! It happened quickly and rather unexpectedly, as we honestly doubted it would even work. Approaching issues such as this, using common sense, food poisoning is simply harmful bacteria, such as E. coli, which this herb is active against, finding its way into the gut through food that was improperly prepared or handled. As it turned out for us, taking a potent antibacterial actually worked for a bacterial infection that came through a quick onset! We would suggest that everyone keep an herb with such potent, and broad, antibacterial activity, just in the case! It truly shows the potential, and effectiveness, that this herb has to offer!

Its top use is as an antiparasitic. It is recommended as a tea for intestinal parasites. Sida acuta may be a powerful biofilm-buster, according to Dr. Buhner (2). While this can be very helpful, those most chronic may want to go at a slower pace, due to the possibility of being overwhelmed by newly released pathogens. It is used by others for things like weight loss, biofilms, blood-cleansing, staph infections, diarrhea, infected wounds, headache, malaria, GI tract issues, and systemic infections. It may be key support for anemia, which is an issue many may be dealing with. Lastly, it has shown to be useful for preventing the intestinal lining from forming ulcers. 

Sida is one of the key herbs in his Mycoplasma protocol as well, combined with the berberine compound-containing plants. Not only is it pathogen specific but it also is for to “protect red blood cell integrity.” (3) As a matter of fact, it is the primary herb for the blood cell protection in general, as his “go-to” herb. (3) 

It actually contains a compound that is highly debatable, ephedrine, which is named after a plant that has been banned. We are assured in his books that the rumors of it being dangerous may mostly be due to its use in recreational drug production. We are told that if we use it properly, it may be beneficial (2). It may potentiate medications that give a speedy feeling; therefore, caution should be used with medications with similar effects (2).

It also contains cryptolepine, just as the popular, and potent, cryptolepis! “They are antimalarial, antimicrobial, antibacterial, hematotonic, hematoregenerator, hematoprotectant, antioxidant (mild), anticancer (antineoplastic, antiproliferative), adaptogenic, analgesic, antipyretic, anthelmintic (fresh leaf juice), antiamoebic, antifertility activity, antiprotozoal, insecticidal, anti-inflammatory, hepatoprotective, antivenin, antiulcerogenic, hypoglycemic.” (3). Buhner also tells us that it shows activity against a broad spectrum of pathogens, including, but not limited to Staph, E. coli, Streptococcus, Salmonella, herpes simplex, Shigella, Pseudomonas, and Candida” (3) 

In India, sida is hemoprotective and hemoregenerative, meaning it protects against hemotoxic snake venom! It was used to neutralize a unique snake venom by the Indians long ago. Instead of the venom being neurotoxic, it works by destroying red blood cells, which is also how some pathogens destroy and take us over. Due to the way it works with the snake venom, he tells us that in this same way, it may be effective for these types of pathogens. Red blood cells are destroyed by Babesia, malaria, and in anemic processes.(1). He tells us that this is the only herb that he knows of that may have this capability.(1). Rather than killing the infections, it may protect the red blood cells from them.(1). This is said to be the case with snakes such as the rattlesnake, copperhead, and cotton mouth, some of the deadliest snakes known!

Ironically, just like “Cryptolepis”, sida also contains many of the same compounds, including and especially cryptolepine! Cryptolepine is an inhibitor of topoisomerase II. Topoisomerase is responsible for the winding and unwinding of the twisted ladder structure of DNA. He explains in his book that if topoisomerase is inhibited, then DNA cannot replicate, nor can cellular division take place.(1)

We are told in “Herbal Antibiotics” that sida, depending on the species and growth factors, may be used as a primary source of protein, as its content may be up to 25%.(1). It is considered to be 1 of the top 5 natural antibiotic plants by Stephen Buhner.(1). He tells us that it may also boost glutathione levels, which may be key to Anemia.(1). Keep in mind that plant studies are still in the early stages and they may have much more to offer! We urge everyone to buy books by Stephen Buhner, a brilliant, researcher, and herbalist. His teachings are on a basic and understandable level.

Sida is actually a smokeable herb! Its effects have been compared to, and favored as a substitute for, marijuana. It may support focus, concentration, fatigue, and appetite by smoking it. One must heed caution with smoking sida, as too much ephedrine may cause heart and blood pressure issues.


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Product Variations:

We highly recommend getting 2 different variations of the following to know exactly what a specific herb will, or will not do for you, as well as to achieve saturation.

Standard Tincture Herbal compounds extracted in an alcohol base. Alcohol offers a superior absorption rate. We recommend allowing your dose to sit under the tongue for 3+ minutes, then swallowing it down with a drink of water. Otherwise, you may add it to 4 oz. of water, juice, or a smoothie. Microscopic compounds are readily available to be absorbed through tissues, into the bloodstream, and then circulated to organs.

Lipospheric Tincture – This is a standard tincture that is put through an energetic process. We collide the herbal compounds with oxygen molecules, to encase them both within an oxygenated bubble. The difference can be clearly seen because the tincture lightens in color. The lipospheres’ may have the capability to surpass the bioavailability of a standard tincture, although it exhibits all of the same benefits.

Glycerite – Herbal compounds extracted in vegetable glycerin. This contains NO alcohol and NO sugar. The taste of glycerin resembles syrup, which makes it ideal for children. This version may be best for those highly sensitive or are seeking a nonalcoholic extraction. Doses may need to be up to three times higher than a tincture to receive similar benefits. They can be taken in the same way as tinctures, which is in 4 oz. of water, juice, or a smoothie.

Vegetarian Capsule – Size 00, vegetarian capsules, hand-encapsulated, to order. The capsule is swallowed with at least 4 oz. of water or juice, which is broken down by stomach acids. Once the herbal compounds go through digestion, they then get absorbed by tissues.

Herbal TeaTeabags are handmade to order and can be brewed up to three times each. The constituents will be continually extracted with each brew. Be sure to squeeze the bag gently upon finishing your cup of lovely tea. The label specifies the brewing instructions, which highly depends on the parts of the plant that are used in the tea. Keep in mind, this is medicinal tea and there are no additives. It may be best to drink as is, without adding a sugar substitute. Don’t forget the slurry, medicinal residue that settles to the bottom of the cup!

Loose Herbal Powder – We take pride in the freshness and quality of our herbal powders, as we hand-grind down each herb to order, as well as in any above process. Our inventory of herbs is always purchased, when possible, in whole form, if it is not wildcrafted by us. We ethically wildcraft many herbs, which ensures the highest content of medicinal compounds and freshness. We also attempt to include every part of the plant, if possible. We believe wildcrafted, and full spectrum to be the superior version of any herb. If an herb is wildcrafted, it will indicate so on each label by the abbreviation “WC”. The same goes for full spectrum, as each label indicates the parts used. We give multiple part options for each herb individually as well. 

All variations are animal & child-safe, at the appropriate dosage. View our child’s dosage guide by Clicking Here

Always use herbs wisely and with common sense, as they are to be respected. We hope that you have learned something new by reading these variations! Attaining herbal knowledge may help you, a child, family members, or a friend sometime in the future! Lastly, most of our herbs and products have been tested by an energetic practitioner, using a bio resonance scanning system. The results showed that our products tested up to 360% more powerful than other brand names! Our customers choose us over them because we create products that are unique, from an honest place of the heart, emanating a healing energy, that is intended to help you!

Happy Cleansing! 

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